What can you and your blended family do in Yorkshire to build stronger relationships? Here are ten activities you should try…

Families are complicated, they may be big or small, but they make up some of our most important relationships. In the event that your family is blending it’s vital that you take the time to engage in activities together to strengthen those family ties.

Whether you want your children to bond with their new siblings, build relationships with a new parental figure, or relieve some of the building tension caused by recent changes. Having a fun experience together might be just what your family needs.

Often the importance of family time can be forgotten, especially when handling serious matters with divorce solicitor or adoption agencies. Big life changes are scary so it’s important to take the day off and let your family blend.

1.  Eureka!

View from Eureka

If you’re looking for a way to help your children have fun, earn something and bond with each other Eureka might be the perfect choice.

Eureka! Is the National Children’s Museum in West Yorkshire. Unlike other museums, it focuses on promoting play and contains a whole host of interactive exhibits you can see together as a family.

Make some music together in the sound garden, learn more about the world and let their imagination run wild.

2.  York Bird of Prey Centre

If your family like nature, the York Bird of Prey Centre can be an exciting way to get up close and personal with some feathery friends, making unforgettable memories in the process.

Watch the next flying show and have these spectacular animals souring just overhead, or bond with your child during an interactive falconry experience. There are so many things to explore your family will be blending in no time.

3.  Temple Newsam

Temple Newsam

One of the best ways to encourage family bonding is with the help of a friendly goat. Temple Newsam has a huge variety of activities for your family to explore but the best is clearly the Home Farm where you can meet goats, pigs, ducks and many more.

If the farm is not for you there are nature trails, heritage games, a large house to explore and even some tasty snacks to be found in the farm shop.

A day in Temple Newsam will get your family out of the house, giving you the chance to explore both your relationship and the beautiful grounds.

4.  Calypso Cove Waterpark

South Yorkshire holds the allure of Calypso Cove Waterpark. This pirate-themed waterpark is sure to get you and your children laughing together.

Known as one of the best swimming poos in Yorkshire, Calypso Cove has a selection of slides, rides, and even flumes to give your family the day out they deserve. This activity is perfect for people of all ages from tinny toddlers to teens and parents.

5.  Flamingo Land

Flamingo land has a little bit of everything. It is considered one of the best attractions in Yorkshire and for good reason.

Your family will never be bored with a full zoo to explore, rides to go on in the thyme park, daytime shows, meet and greets with the park’s meerkat mascots, and even the Peter Rabbit adventure land.

If that’s not enough to bring your family together, why not book an animal experience to make it a day to remember. During a difficult change in the family, dynamic Flamingo Land may be the break everyone needed.

6.  Jorvik DIG

River in York

York is home to the amazing Jorvik DIG, a family attraction that sparks the imagination. This unique experience allows you to become an archaeologist and discover amazing artefacts from the Vikings, Romans, Medieval and Victorian eras.

They have four excavation pits and can cater for adults, children, and toddlers. Giving everyone the chance to get their hands dirty.

Jorvik DIG could be a great opportunity to get active and blend as a family whilst uncovering the secrets of the past.

Fun Things to do in Yorkshire as a Blended Family

These are just a few of the many exciting activities you can do as a blended family in Yorkshire. Bond over some adorable animals, take a walk together in nature or survive a daring ride as a family unit. You’ll find your family is blending in no time.

However, if your short on funds or after something a little more relaxed, a family board game night, cooking contest, or even a movie night can be exactly what’s needed to strengthen family ties.

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