Celebrating 4/20 is now an annual tradition – so what should you do to make the most of this now a hallowed day?

1. Changing Your Perspective

We enjoy 4/20 above all other holidays. Taking your party up a notch is easy enough when you follow these simple directions. There are many helpful sites you can go to to make sure your 4/20 is as legendary as ever. Consider a site like Peerspace ( It’s sort of like Airbnb, but instead of vacation rentals it’s for parties) that provides you with everything you need, like a giant neon dance floor or a warehouse to get wild in. Those who are looking to bump their party to the next level may want to rent out a rooftop to get things started this year. 

2. Jump into a forest bath

To keep your 4/20 from becoming boring, you’ll want to incorporate the right activities that’ll help you through the highs of the event. No activity goes better with that little vape pen of yours than trying shinrin-yoko (It’s a Japanese practice). It literally translates to “Bringing in the atmosphere of the forest,” this eco-therapy tells us to drop away from our technology-based lifestyle for a day to enjoy meditation and a nice, long walk in the forest. It’s time to leave our technology-drenched life aside and take in every scent, sound, and sight the forest has to offer. Take deep, gentle breaths. 

3. Celebrating with a sound bath

This tradition is just as amazing as the previous one. It’s a meditative experience that’s just as excellent indoors as it is out. It’s time to get into the mood for healing this April. As with all traditions, you can make this casual or structured. You may be in the mood for guided meditation. You may want to incorporate a little yoga or tai chi with the sound of beautiful music. Many are helped along the path to enlightenment with the sound of a gong, crystal bowls, soothing bells, or singing bowls. Sound baths do wonders when it comes to beating anxiety. They can even help lower your blood pressure, something that’s easy to enhance with a little Butter OG or Herijuana. 

4. Getting drenched in so much sound

Whether you want to get drenched in sound indoors or outside, this is an excellent new tradition. Either make things casual or structure them to a T. Why not go to a professionally guided sound bath to get out of the house? Meditation is always better when it is paired with a little workout like tai chi or yoga. Many wish to incorporate music into the fun by having Tibetan singing bowls play or go with soothing bells to help them reach a state of total enlightenment. While encouraged, getting out of the house isn’t necessary. You can ring your very own gong at home. Stay healthy by decreasing your heart rate and adding a new sensation into your life. Also, remember your Butter OG or Herijuana

5. Dress code

You probably remember a simpler time when dragon-shaped bongs graced the shelves and lava lamps were a must. (Look for some cool stoner aesthetics list in the handy guide.) Let’s keep formality to its max this year. Why not provide your guests with fancy paper invites, bring in fine China to set your longest table with, light some patchouli candles, plan a menu that’ll be able to handle the munchies, make sure Alice Coltrane is playing, and make a dress code that calls for everyone to be suited up. It’s important to keep the guests looking great. Alternatively, you can go the other way with an informal fun-filled atmosphere and provide a fun black light-up sequin cowgirl hat for guests.

6. Keep your pairings perfect

Food is just as necessary as the party atmosphere itself when it comes to the holidays, why would 4/20 be any different? For an excellent feast, get the junk food from the cupboard, and make exciting new dishes that are just as intrinsic as they are delicious. Try making a feast that either includes cannabis as an ingredient or can be paired well with it. 

You may want to check out our guide that makes pairing food with cannabis easy. Be sure to pay attention to the flavours that go well with dominant terpenes that can be found in your favourite strains. Many decide on citrus when discovering what will pair well with limonene terpenes. Pinene terps go well with herbaceous dishes. Those who want to spice things up might want to pair caryophyllene-heavy strains with spicy foods. Get ready to make some delicious food you and your guests will enjoy. Keep their bellies full! Look at our guide when pairing munchies with Sativa. 

7. Go for a trot

Whether it be a nice long hike or something as simple as a forest bath, you can’t have a happy 4/20 without becoming one with nature. To make 4/20 even better, try saddling up and going for an adventure into nature with a nice, majestic horse. If you haven’t done so, have a friend who knows a thing or two about horses come along. You might also want to enlist the help of a trainer. Go along with gentle trails with the noble and fuzzy beast. He’ll appreciate some munchies of his own, so don’t forget the carrots! 

8. Watch a fun movie at home

Some even decide to purchase a digital projector so they can get the feel of being at a drive-in at home. It usually costs them around one hundred dollars. It’s an excellent thing to have for those outdoor bashes. Your friends will love the idea of heading for the backyard this 4/20. Make some drinks like cocktails with whiskey. 

It doesn’t have to be one of the classic marijuana films. Find one that’ll go well with your highs. Wong Kar Wai’s movie titled In the Mood for Love isn’t a bad idea. You might also like Umbrellas of Cherbourg or a concert movie. Those who would like to learn while being intoxicated may want to go for a nature film.

The canna industry is a wise one and through great marketing online and offline and the celebratory mood around the liberalization of las around cannabis – we’ve seen a sea change. So, get out and celebrate