the possibilities for house buying in Yorkshire are truly endless. You won’t find a more versatile county in the whole of England

Over the last few years, Yorkshire has become an increasingly attractive area to call home. In fact, one of the county’s towns has been declared as the Best Place to Live in the North 2021. Whether you’re wanting a quiet life or the hustle and bustle of the city, there’s somewhere for everybody in England’s largest county.

Read on to find out the most sought-after areas to buy a house in Yorkshire right now.

Buying a House in Yorkshire

Ilkley, recently named as the best town to live in the north, is one of the top property hotspots in Yorkshire. The spa town is situated in the Yorkshire Dales, which will be perfect for those who want to live an idyllic country lifestyle. However, its close proximity to Leeds and Bradford means you can easily access the city too. This makes Ilkley ideal for workers, as well as buyers who want the best of both worlds.

In Ilkley the average house price is over £430,000, so buying a house in this area will be a lucrative investment opportunity too.

Yorkshire Dales

“Yorkshire Dales” (CC BY 2.0) by rockcatch

Elsewhere in the county, York is a city full of rich history and heritage which will make you proud to call it home. There are several districts including Badger Hill (which is ideal for families), Clifton (filled with some of Yorkshire’s best schools) and Hull Road (popular with university students), making York a versatile spot to suit anybody’s needs. As with most areas in Yorkshire, the city is also well-connected to the rest of the country, both by rail and motorway. What’s more, the average house price is only around £270,000, making it much more affordable than cities in the south.

Our last suggestion is Slaithwaite – if you’re looking for the benefits of Ilkley for a fraction of the price, then look no further. The canalside town is right in the middle of the countryside, making it perfect for families, but it still has good rail links to Leeds and Manchester. Additionally, the compact and varied town centre makes for a great place to shop. To buy a house in Slaithwaite will cost you, on average, just over £200,000.

Calculator Sale

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I’ve Found My Dream Property – Now What?

If you know exactly where in Yorkshire is the place for you, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty of buying a property. Using an online mortgage broker such as Trussle will take the challenge of finding a mortgage lender away, and it can all be done from home or even your smartphone. Your broker can liaise with lenders to get you the best mortgage deal which may not be available otherwise, and their comparison service is free to use.

Overall, the possibilities for house buying in Yorkshire are truly endless. You won’t find a more versatile county in the whole of England – so what are you waiting for? It’s always the right time to start looking for your dream home.