authentic quality is the reason that the Café Thai brand as gone from strength to strength

I have a real dislike for people telling me where I should go, eat, travel, stay, anything, which rather ashamedly may explain why I’ve never visited a restaurant that continually get’s talked about that’s less than 2 miles away from my front door, embarrassing given I spend a lot of time telling people where to go.

Outside view of Cafe Thai TapasLocated in the ever popular dining & social location of West Vale on the outskirts of Halifax Thai Tapas is actually part of collection of Thai restaurants all based in the same building, there’s Cafe Thai that offers traditional Thai dishes whilst Cafe Thai Tapas introduces a social element to the dining experience, and to complete the trio is Café Thai Takeaway, I’m confident you’ll be familiar with the concept of Takeaway.

The social tapas format of eating, as long been my favourite way to dine and I have to admit that more often than not I’m more impressed with starters in far-east themed restaurants than I am with the mains, therefore Café Thai Tapas ticks every single one of my box’s.

A Saturday evening at Café Thai Tapas delivers a relaxed ambiance, tables a wash with the fragrances of South East Asia accompanied by wines from a list long enough to please every budding sommelier.

Thai Beef at Thai TapasA table of 4, and a suggestion that we should order 3-4 dishes each means we have a lot of choices on our hands, with a little help from our waiter for the evening, it’s easy to identify the star performers on a menu that read’s like an a-list celebrity index of Thai food.

Muk Grob Prik Galeu – Battered squid deep fried, seasoned with salt, ground pepper, and sliced chilli, Kanom Jeeb – Steamed Dumplings with minced pork, prawn and water chestnut, Gai Tod Num Pla – Thai style deep fried salted chicken wings served with Sri Racha chilli sauce & Nua BBQ – Thai style fillet of beef skewers are amongst our favourites.

tapas dish at cafe thaiEach dish comes in a quantity that satisfies all 4 diners at a speed that means we have ample pause for breath before the next wave of dishes are delivered.

It’s true that with each dish comes a range of flavours that propel the idea that this culinary trail should never end, layer upon layer of authentic flavours means that every mouthful is ever more impactful.

Chicken Satay at Cafe Thai TapasWhilst it’s fine to think that a Thai Tapas restaurant may simply please it’s audience by the social concept alone, it’s incredibly pleasing to know that the authentic quality is the reason that the Café Thai brand as gone from strength to strength in an area that’s not got a constant City footfall, instead diners come here because it’s the people that have spoken, those same people I stupidly ignored.

But ignore it I shall not no longer, Café Thai is right up my street, well actually just along the B6112 around 1,5 miles away from home & listen to this, it is by far the very best Thai food experience I have ever had, by a long shot!

Not only do I give Café Thai the highest accolade but I also encourage you to pop along too, take my word for it!

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Cafe Thai Tapas | 35 Stainland Rd | Greetland | Halifax | HX4 8AD