Yorkshire Pudding Champion Chris Blackburn, founder of our little blog, spoke to team member Claire Smith about his role in the Mary Berry Cooks programme now being broadcast on BBC2.

How many of you have been watching the delightful and sumptuous Mary Berry Cooks on BBC2 at the moment? Well it might not have escaped your attention that the show, and the queen of foodies herself, made a little jaunt to Yorkshire in last week’s episode.

In her programme, which focused on Sunday Roasts, she went along to The Fleece in Barkisland to learn how to make Yorkshire puddings with a difference.

Our very own Chris was involved with the organisation of the programme and even taught Mary how to make his award-winning puds when they filmed back in October. Unfortunately, due to timing constraints of the programme, his bit was cut out, but we did catch a glimpse of him in the kitchen on TV!

I caught up with him to find out about his experience with the cooking legend.

How did you get involved with the Mary Berry show?
We were contacted by Love Productions over a year ago who needed our help and asked if we could come up with something for a brand new Mary Berry show. We threw a few ideas around and eventually we settled on The Fleece at Barkisland, simply because they serve great food, have amazing views and are great friends of Yorkshire Pudd.

What did you have to do on the day?
I spent time with Mary showing her my version and talking to her about the history of the pud and, of course, the importance of beef dripping. I also worked on the pass for the three-course dinner which we served to 70 diners.

Was Mary a good pupil?
Mmm she was OK, but to be honest I¹m not sure who was teaching who!

What was your lasting impression of the cook?
She¹s a legend. It was like cooking with your grandma, and she¹s a bit cheeky too!

Do you have any stand-out moments of the experience?
Her politeness and williness to engage with everybody, a pleasure to be around!

Did you learn anything from her?
That you never stop learning. She loves taking tips from everybody she meets.

Sum up the day in three words.
Amazing TV experience

Thanks Chris. Now get back to work!