Black Dog Deli has created a luxury Christmas hamper which supports Labrador Rescue Trust. Team YorkshirePudd tries it out.

We’re constantly hearing of ethical trade in all industries these days, but the welfare of dogs in the food camps are not what you’d usually be hearing about just before Christmas. Or any time, come to that.

But those kind fellows at Black Dog Delicatessen have created a ‘hamper with a heart’ this festive season, a sophisticated collection of luxury produce which will support the Labrador Rescue Trust.

Dog and animal lovers can either receive or give this extra special Christmas hamper, knowing that the spirit of the season is well and truly in mind. Why? Because more than £5 from each sale goes straight to the charity.

Put together by UK specialist food importers, this is the brainchild of rescue dog owner and foodhq MD, James Tyler, who was inspired by his beloved pooches Bailey and Blue to create the firm’s signature brand.

What’s in it?Black Dog Delicatessen
A 500ml bottle of extra virgin olive oil, a 250ml bottle of aged balsamic vinegar, two varieties of marinated olives in 250g jars, two varieties of 500g traditionally-made, air-dried Italian pasta, and four varieties of 300g risotto mix made with premium carnaroli.

How much does it cost?
£45 including the price of delivery anywhere in the UK.

Take it from us
We have had the pleasure of sampling a Black Dog Deli hamper here at YorkshirePudd and we can guarantee that this delectable hamper is a perfect gift, or even a treat for yourself to have in your cupboard this Christmas. The olives are sumptuous and the risottos are delicious. What’s more, the stylish and classy packaging makes this a very special gift, especially if giving to charity and caring for pets is high on the priority list of you or your recipient.

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