Our Claire and Chris review an Australian product range, Dreamfarm, which is launching in the UK after 11 successful years down under. The brand aims to solve everyday kitchen problems with simple tools that really work. So do they?

Sometimes a concept comes along that is so simple, fuss-free and obvious is makes you say ‘Oh. Yes, that’s the way it should’ve always been’.

This is especially true of household gadgets, and kitchen implements in particular. How many times have new ‘radical’ inventions come onto the market that are the most basic and effective of products that they’re the ones that really should’ve been available from the beginning of time?

In our new technological age of fancy fancies and complicated tools, there is nothing more refreshing than a back-to-basics utensil that is just altogether useful.

Welcome to the world of Dreamfarm.

Claire reviews: Garject


“I’ve been looking for a decent garlic press for a long time. I’ve tried numerous ways of dealing with the smelly, sticky, delicious herb of garlic my whole life. Or at least since I began cooking curries in earnest. I almost always go back to chopping the fiddly stuff. I am now delighted to say I won’t have to, thanks to my nifty no-nonsense Garject (named so because it is a garlic press that ejects).

This is how it works: You place the unpeeled garlic bulb into the hole, press it, and as you lift the lever back up to scrape it into your pan or bowl, it also ejects the rest of the skin (no hands, knives or toothpicks required!) Voila. It works in two quick moves. It really is that simple. Now, why didn’t I think of that?”


Chris reviews: Grindenstèin


“My love of coffee has grown over the years and I’ve got all the kit to prove it – bean grinder, espresso machine, latte glasses, stainless steel milk, frothing jug, even a thermometer to ensure the temperature of the milk is just perfect (40c during the frothing stage and then onto 70c for the perfect temperature). See told you I was a coffee geek. Should I mention the beans I drive to Cardiff for? Maybe next time. Albeit you can click over here for espresso machines reviewed.

Anyway, one thing I didn’t have was a nifty little device to help me with those messy pucks of solid coffee once I’ve extracted all the goodness from it – until now. Up pops Dreamfarm with its awesome Grindenstèin, a trendy-looking knock-off container which is the ideal and space-saving solution for the effective disposal of coffee grounds.

I love it. I’m using it ever single day. Gone are the days of coffee drips all over the kitchen floor. Genius. Are you a coffee lover? You so need one of these!”

Others in the Dreamfarm family

Chobs – Chop on both sides
Chopula – Chopping sit up spatula
Clongs – Click-lock sit up tongs
BBQ Clongs – Click-lock sit up tongs
Gripet – Quick grip note tidy
Jot – Just hold it there
Membo – Remember to do it
Oni – Only need one knife
Onpot – Lid rests on pot
Scizza – Scissors perfectly cut pizza
Smood – Smooth mash in seconds
Spink – Never spill another drink
Supoon – Sit up scraping spoon
Tapi – Tap squeeze drink fountain
Teafu – Squeeze tea fast infuser
Temji – Shower temperature just right
Vebo – Vegetable boil steam strain

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