Our Chris’s Fazenda verdict: Journey style of dining

Nestled in the centre of the Granary Wharf area of Leeds, which incidentally has changed significantly (for the better) since I worked in the area some 15 years ago, is an establishment which gets booked up weeks, or even months, in advance.

Fazenda Leeds is one of a number of gaucho-style restaurants that has swooping the nation with their apparent journey style of dining, in which various cuts of meat are presented at the table for the dinner to sample.

Waiter at Fazenda LeedsFor me there’s a degree of scepticism when I visit restaurants like Fazenda Leeds. I remember Gordon Ramsay once saying that good produce shouldn’t be ruined by fancy gimmicks, and in another breath likening a fillet steak kebab to a donkey’s dick that looked like the sort of thing Jordon would eat with her hands behind her back. At £28pp it was clear that Fazenda Leeds must have confidence in their product!

The décor of the restaurant together with an extensive buffet bar, stocked with the finest Parma ham, salmon and outstanding salads, gave me confidence that this was going to be a journey I’d enjoy.

With the arrival of the first cuts of meat it was clear they knew how to serve beef – rare! The waiters did everything they could to ensure absolute satisfaction in the quantities served, and I must point out that the cuts of meats were varied throughout!

Argentinean wine at Fazenda LeedsThe highlight of the evening though was an amazing 2012 Argentinian medium bodied bottle of Tilia Bonarda, from their extensive wine cellar, which I would guess would challenge the majority of restaurants in the area.

As always the question must be – would I return? On this occasion I have to say no, for no other reason that my preference is for one piece of meat, that has been tenderly cared for, cooked to my likening and served with accompaniments that compliment the dish,

It’s possible, no – certain, that every steak I ever eat gets compared to one I once devoured at Santa Maria del Sur in London (that place is in a league of it’s own!)

Would I recommend that you visit the restaurant though? Absolutely! Get yourself there. It’s a fantastic experience and a great opportunity to sample cuts of meat you may never have thought about! But book quick, it’s popular!