A Sizzling Arrival in Leeds

Have you ever longed for the perfect steak that’s tender, juicy, and full of flavour, without breaking the bank? Well, you’re in luck because the acclaimed Flat Iron is making its grand debut in the heart of Leeds! Set to open its doors on the corner of Albion Place and Lands Lane in the former Church Institute, this two-floor, 110-cover restaurant is ready to bring a sizzling steak experience to the North of England for the very first time.

The Flat Iron Experience

Flat Iron, renowned for its quality offerings and affordable pricing, has been a hit in London, making exceptional steak accessible to everyone. Their menu is spearheaded by the iconic Flat Iron Steak, a cut that’s meticulously seam-butchered from the shoulder, guaranteeing a steak that’s nothing short of exceptional. But the wonders don’t stop there; the menu also features an array of mouthwatering sides, including truffled macaroni cheese, crispy bone marrow garlic mash, and homemade beef dripping chips.

From Pasture to Plate

What sets Flat Iron apart is its dedication to quality, right from the source. The Flat Iron team has had roots in the North for over a decade, with their own herd of cattle lovingly reared under the watchful eye of third-generation beef farmer, Charles Ashbridge. Nestled in the picturesque hills above Sutton Bank in Thirsk, these happy cows thrive on luscious pastures, homemade hay rolled barley, molasses, and nuts. And, if you’re curious, the Flat Iron herd beef features prominently on the menu in their iconic Bearnaise Cheeseburger.

Cheers to a Perfect Meal

Bottle of Wine at Flat Iron in Leeds

But it’s not just the steak that’s something to get excited about. Leeds diners can also indulge in a carefully curated selection of wines, cocktails, and local draught beers. The Flat Iron team has even introduced their very own Flat Iron Malbec, expertly blended using grapes grown in the Limoux area of the Languedoc in southern France.

A Yorkshire Homecoming

When asked about the opening, Flat Iron’s Head of Beef, Fred Smith, enthusiastically stated, “Yorkshire is the home of our Flat Iron herd, so it felt only natural to open a Flat Iron in Leeds with our very own beef just a few miles away. We’re really looking forward to bringing great steak to the North and welcoming new guests to the Flat Iron family.”

From Pop-Up to Success Story

Flat Iron’s journey began in 2012 when Founder Charlie Carroll launched it as a pop-up above a pub in East London. Committed to doing a few things exceptionally well, Charlie’s aim was simple: to make great steak available to everyone. Fast forward, and Flat Iron now boasts twelve restaurants across London, including the Flat Iron butchery in Covent Garden and the impressive 15ft wood-fired spit in Shoreditch. In addition, they’ve even expanded to Cambridge.

A Tradition of Quality

Flat Iron Steak

Working closely with British farmer Charles Ashbridge, Charlie and Head of Beef Fred Smith have gone the extra mile, creating their own herd of Flat Iron cattle in Thirsk, Yorkshire, and even raising British Wagyu. It’s all about offering you the most outstanding steak experience possible.

Join the Sizzling Sensation

In short, Flat Iron is all set to make its mark in Leeds, and you’re invited to savour their delectable menu in a stylish, welcoming atmosphere. Get ready for a memorable dining experience that combines passion, quality, and affordability. Whether you’re a steak aficionado or just looking for a great meal, the team at Flat Iron is eager to welcome you into their family of satisfied diners. It’s time to savour the flavour and join the sizzling sensation as Flat Iron takes Leeds by storm!