Master the Art of Dinner Party Entertainment: Food-Themed Games to Elevate Your Hosting Game!

Wouldn’t it be great to have everyone over for dinner and be hailed as the Gordon Ramsay of your friends and family? For the food, not the swearing of course! Organising a successful dinner party can be stressful, especially for the inexperienced chef. It’s not just the cooking you’ve got to worry about, but what aperitifs and drinks to serve, nibbles to share, music to play, and even games to entertain.

Party games are an excellent means of keeping your guests entertained, especially while you’re busy in the kitchen. They offer enjoyable moments of bonding once everyone has indulged in their after-dinner mints. While there are timeless classics to enjoy with friends and family, we’ve curated a selection of our favourite food-themed games for the occasion. Utilising Picker Wheel, an online spinner tool with versatile functions and customisation options, will ensure that the games chosen add an extra layer of fun and randomness to your gathering.

Classic Games with a Food Theme

You could try Charades or Who Am I but only use food for the answers. It can be hilarious seeing your friends and family trying to imitate a banana without speaking or trying to guess that they’re a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

There’s also a fun alternative to the wheelbarrow race. Split teams into pairs and place nibbles like nuts, crisps, fruit pieces and marshmallows along the course on clean paper. The “wheelbarrow” holds a plastic cup in their mouth and picks up one piece of food from each section before crossing the finishing line. The winner is the one with the most food in their cup.

Playing games at a Dinner Party

Use Your Imagination

Food can be implemented into all sorts of well-known games. Let your imagination run wild. That’s what Phil Walker-Harding did when he created Sushi Go! using the card-drafting concept seen in the likes of 7 Wonders. And Polish video game company Big Cheese Studio put players inside the kitchen with its Cooking Simulator game.

Even casino game designers have jumped on the theme with slots like Pizza Time, a prominent game at many of the UK’s top casinos. The game is playable with free bonus spins via BonusFinder UK, the game uses a five-reel grid made of ingredients to create a variety of classic pizza toppings.

Fun Eating Games

Things can get quite messy with eating games. But the laughs are almost guaranteed to flow. One favourite is the blindfold food-tasting test. Try an assortment of jams to see who is best at guessing the flavour, or perhaps challenge your friends and family to decipher which popular chocolate bar or sweets they’re eating.

Away from consuming food, there’s the reconstruction game. Here, you split people into teams and give them things like a needle and thread, Sellotape, toothpicks, a stapler and other helpful equipment to put together a piece of food that has been deconstructed. For example, cut up a melon into small pieces. The team that can reconstruct the fruit and make it look as close to its original form as possible, wins the game.

When hosting a dinner party, it’s important you don’t get too stressed about it. Party games will help keep everyone occupied and hopefully create a few laughs. Relax and enjoy it. Remember, next time it’s somebody else’s turn to host.