Always learning

Let it never be said that I’m a man of routine. In fact. unless something as wowed me,  I’ll go out of my way to ensure I try something new – always learning! (whoops went into work mode then for a second).

It’s the same with anything really – holidays, cars, restaurants and indeed food – so in what will become a regular feature, I’m going to share my foodie themed discoveries from the last month, from the weird and wonderful to some perfectly convenient tasty products.

My top seven products discovered in November:

  1. Fruitbroo

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, flavoured tea bags smell like the shavings from your pencil at school, but then along came Fruitbroo. They tried like crazy to get juicy fruit into a tea bag, but they just couldn’t crack it. So they decided to break some rules and completely reinvent hot fruit, without the tea bag! FruitBroo is a new range of insanely tasty juicy fruit drinks specially blended to be served hot. 100% natural with no caffeine, gluten or dairy and only 15 calories a cup.

  2. Setlers Mintees

    We get so many requests to dine out, often spending time meeting chefs and restaurant owners, so we need something that can freshen us up. Mintees offers an innovative formulation which builds layers of powerful peppermint oil and refreshing spearmint around a soft, crumbly centre. This blend of flavours and textures creates a unique taste experience, which helps to freshen breath, cleanse the palate and help avoid discomfort, making it the ultimate after-meal companion.

  3. Very Lazy Range

    Do you think even the most dedicated of foodies can work a 10 hour day, travel three and half hours back to Yorkshire from Bedfordshire and then cook a meal from complete scratch, the answer is, almost, but sometimes I just need a little help, Very Lazy Range have a number of products including one in which you use the jar to add extra liquid to your cooking, and that can be your preferred choice: water, stock and wine are all good alternatives depending on your family’s tastes. And you can also add any extra bits or ingredients you love… your imagination is the limit! Great food at your fingertips.

  4. Yu!

    On that M1 journey between Bedfordshire and Yorkshire there are somewhere in the region of 3 McDonalds, 2 Burger Kings, and a few KFC’s too, and not an healthy snack insight, thankfully I’ve discovered Yu!, made from real fruit, the Yu! range is the perfect solution to healthier snacking on the go. There are four delicious ranges, including three with a natural yogurt coating. Importantly, nothing they make contains any artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives.

  5. Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup

    I’m not going to turn this article into some sort of mission to cut out all moments of joy, sometimes you deserve a treat, a bit of what you fancy does your no harm. So this month my moment of extreme pleasure has come from Ben & Jerry’s brand new Peanut Butter Cup flavour, you really must try it!

  6. Filippo Berio

    The UK’s favourite extra-virgin olive oil, has launched its annual limited edition commemorative tin. This year’s tin features “The Lady of Viareggio” from one of Italy’s most stylish, Tuscan resorts and home to Filippo Berio. A must-have for lovers of the Cucina Italiana and a beautiful present for the foodie or hard-to-buy for as a chic addition to any kitchen. Available in 1L tins from Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

  7. Lyle’s Golden Syrup

    Whilst we are on the subject on tins, this year get into the festive baking spirit with the new limited edition Lyle’s Golden Syrup® ‘BAKE, EAT & BE MERRY’ gold tin. The Christmas edition of the kitchen classic features a Christmas pudding and a traditional six pence – designed to bring a little joy (and luck!) to your festive baking. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Lyle’s Golden Syrup® – from figgy puddings to those all-important biscuits for Santa, the unmistakable taste of Lyle’s Golden Syrup will add some Christmas magic to your recipes. So let’s Bake, Eat and Be Merry!