Unlocking Wanderlust: How to Seamlessly Incorporate Travel into Your Academic Journey

You’re in the middle of your academic year, busy with classes, essays, and tests. Is it the right time to think about travelling? Yes! Travelling exposes you to experiences you couldn’t even dream about. It makes you unwind and relax. It puts you into situations when you meet new people (some lifelong friends maybe). It makes you happy! Sadly, travelling requires time, effort, and money. All the elements that most undergrads lack. But that doesn’t mean that you have to say NO to one of the most exciting experiences in the world! With the tips given below, you will soon make a globe-trotting part of your life.

Plan in Advance

Do your best to research your potential destination in advance. If that seems impossible with your current academic overload, delegate some tasks to companies like www.customwritings.com while you surf the best places to visit in 2024. Your task is to find the most affordable accommodations, attractions, and transportation options that come with generous discounts for students. For example, trains and flights are usually cheaper during the so-called off-peak times. At the same time, Couchsurfing provides an excellent opportunity to stay with locals for free. Just make sure to search for available options well in advance.

Go Online

Every single day, 63% of students in the US engage in online learning activities. Switching to cyber classes provides a great opportunity for undergrads to mix their college pursuits with wanderlust experiences. If you give a try to remote learning platforms, you will gain that precious flexibility to study from any place on the planet. The newfound freedom allows you to travel during the academic year without interrupting the studying process. You immerse yourself in new environments, explore different cultures, learn new languages, and broaden your horizons while keeping up with your classes. Just imagine yourself attending online lectures from a bustling café in Wien or participating in group discussions at the Louvre. Precious.

Change Your Schedule

When it’s time to pick your college courses, make sure to manage your schedule to make it perfect for your travelling plans. There’s no doubt that your studies are the priority, and taking all required courses is a must. However, if you have a chance to wiggle some room, use it to your advantage! Schedule your college classes with some days being free from studies. This will give you more time for your trips while you won’t have to put your academic year on pause. Senior students recommend scheduling college classes somewhere in the middle of the week. Thus, you will have free Monday and Friday, which means a 4-day trip becomes more real than ever.

Pick up a Part-Time Job

Finding free time in college is quite a challenge, especially when your schedule is overloaded with classes, extracurriculars, family commitments, clubs, dates, and so on. Nonetheless, if you can boast of having some spare time each week, use it to make your travelling dream closer. Even working for some hours will provide you with some cash you will use for your travel fund. Don’t have a travel fund yet? Start it now!

Seek Student Exchange Programs

80% of higher educational establishments expect study-abroad participation to grow in the 2024 academic year. Become part of statistics! Seek student exchange programs to have an opportunity to attend a partner college in another country or even another continent. You will be able to travel during the academic year and experience a different culture and unique learning experience.

Enjoy Local Trips

You are going to see the Great Wall of China or La Tour Eiffel, but for now, you can enjoy the local attractions. No matter where you currently live, there are always some options and activities available out there. Whether it’s a picnic in the park, joining a free city tour, or a museum, there are dozens of things you can do for free without being distracted from studying. Make sure to do some research in advance to see if your city or town offers some student-budget-friendly activities. Whatever city or town you live in, free and cheap things are 100% available for keen globetrotters.

Travel with Pals

Let’s face it: Memories become even more precious when you have someone to share them with. How about actually making those memories with the people dear to your heart? Travelling is one of the opportunities to spend more time with your friends and make the trip experience even more exciting. What is more, travelling in a group is more pocket-friendly, as you can share the costs of the rooms, food, cars, and many other things. Plus, you will have a chance to participate in more activities that require more than one participant. Finally, you all are students, so having group study sessions will help you to stay on track, motivate each other, and check each other’s homework while creating solid bonds for life.

Volunteer Overseas

Browse volunteer programs available here and there in the world. Is there anything you would like to take part in? There are tons of organizations that provide volunteer opportunities abroad for students who dream of travelling and serving others. From community development activities to wildlife conservations, you are sure to find programs that meet your interests, tastes, and travel plans. While many programs require a fee, many options are free. Usually, they provide meals and accommodations for free.

Do a Gap Year

This option is different from the ones mentioned above but it does exist, and we should mention it. If you would like to travel the world but don’t like the idea of doing homework from time to time, taking a gap year could be an option. Your gap year is the period you spend away from college and travel, but you are focused on both professional and personal development. Whether you dream of studying biology in Cambodia or admiring the Taj Mahal while learning Punjabi, there are many ways that you can make your dreams come true on a budget. Browse volunteer programs to see what you can do while resting from a busy academic routine. Give preference to pocket-friendly countries, such as Portugal, Thailand, Hungary, Vietnam, Poland, or others where living options will leave you penniless.

By following the student-tested-and-approved tips and tricks above, you have a unique chance to make travelling an integral part of your academic routine. Without going bankrupt, you will see the places from travel blogs, meet new people, enjoy exciting adventures, and create memories that will adorn your albums like no other!