Toast to Elegance: How to Host the Perfect Dom Perignon Champagne-Tasting Event

Want to host a small and intimate gathering for your close friends and colleagues? A champagne-tasting event is a fantastic way to spend an evening with fun, laughter, and delightful Champagne, especially if it is Dom Perignon. However, you need to be prepared for the event.

It may seem challenging if you haven’t hosted a champagne-tasting event before. Bringing the event together takes a lot of effort if you do not know the basics. While everyone loves the taste of Dom Perignon, you need to follow a few tips to ensure your party is a hit among the guests.

1. Choose the Right Glasses for Your Champagne

You will be surprised to know that coupes aren’t precisely the right choice for an excellent champagne-tasting experience. The shape of these glasses does not allow bubbles in the drink to breathe. To get the right amount of bubbles of Dom Perignon, you need to use tulip-shaped glassware. The unique shape of these glasses keeps the aroma inside and allows the bubble to develop. So, get yourself a set of tulip-shaped glassware for the next champagne-tasting party.

2. Mind the Temperature of Your Dom Perignon

Unlike other ordinary liquors, champagne is not served too cold. If you keep it in the freezer for several hours, it may lose its aroma while being served. You can keep the bottle of Dom Perignon in a warm section of your refrigerator for 3-4 hours. If you need to serve it soon, put it in a bucket with cold water and ice cubes for 30 minutes. After you pour it into the glass, allow it to sit for ten minutes before taking a sip.

3. Don’t Fill the Glass Completely

As a host, you must ensure that all the guests are having a good time tasting Dom Perignon. That’s why you should serve champagne by filling the glass halfway to allow its bubbles to form and rise pleasantly. If you fill the glass with champagne up to the brim, the rich aroma will quickly dissipate, affecting the champagne-tasting experience for your guests. Just make sure there are enough bottles of Dom Perignon in stock. You can check online stores like Clos19 for easy purchases and doorstep delivery.

4. Pair Your Dom Perignon With the Right Food

While fancy food items like caviar taste amazing with Dom Perignon, it is recommended that you serve things that are fun to eat and complement what you are serving. Salty appetisers brilliantly balance the fruity tone of vintage champagne without overpowering its original taste. For your tasting event, consider offering unique and unexpected champagne pairings like barbeque, pizza, fried chicken, etc. The high/low mix adds an element of surprise to the tasting party.

5. Maintain Minimal Decoration

At a champagne-tasting party, you do not want to overpower the space with a solid floral display or a busy decor. Maintain a minimalistic decoration, allowing them to focus on the tasting experience. You can keep simple bowls of white roses to add some Parisian flair to the party. A subtle elegance in minimalist decoration allows the party’s theme to take centre stage.

Make It Memorable for Your Guests

Hosting a champagne-tasting party is a great way to bring together people for a small and more intimate gathering. With the above tips, you can make the event more fun and memorable for the guests. Just remember the basics of serving and ensure the champagne hits the high notes.