Stay Fit on Vacation: Tips to Keep Your Health Goals on Track While Traveling

Not every memento you bring home from a trip makes you happy. Do you need proof? Try stepping on the bathroom scale after not using it for a week or more.

No matter where your summer travels take you, you can always look forward to enjoying some delectable regional specialities. One of the nicest joys of travelling is immersing oneself in the local cuisine culture, whether in the Caribbean eating beans and rice or in Greece eating salads and fava with olive oil (a shot from a Greek restaurant is displayed above). Yet you don’t want to give up on your healthy lifestyle objectives, and you do want to be able to button your shorts after your vacation is over, right? Many worry about keeping their fitness routines and diets on track while on vacation.

Findings from the University of Georgia indicate that holiday weight gain is more common than pre-trip weight gain, and it tends to last longer than your tan.

But, there are means to guarantee that you return home with no extra baggage. Let’s break down some suggestions from that might be of use.

Start your vacay day right!

Have a protein- and fibre-rich breakfast to get your day off to a good start. Bringing your favourite seeds like flax, chia, or hemp for your whole grain cereal, powdered peanut butter, nuts, or your favourite protein powder to add to yoghurt or oatmeal will save you money and calories. Make an effort to incorporate healthy foods like fruits and vegetables into every meal and schedule regular exercise into your schedule. Split the dessert in half; the first three bites are the finest.

Make preparations in advance.

It’s healthy to shake things up occasionally, but don’t go too far, or you might regret it when you get back to your regular schedule. Set your priorities before your trip so that you can enjoy yourself while still being in control of your decisions. Just indulge in the local fare or drinks you know you’ll enjoy while on vacation. Eat lightly and often. Stay active, or increase your usual level of activity. The extra calories you’re consuming won’t be completely cancelled out, but it will help.

Eat off a smaller plate to control your portion sizes.

You’re more prone to overeat if there’s a lot of food on your plate. You may better manage how much of your favourite Thanksgiving sides you eat by using a smaller dish.

Mind what you eat for snacks.

It’s common to snack more frequently than usual when engaged in lively conversation. If you want to control your weight, you need to stop mindlessly snacking and pay attention to what (and how much) you’re putting in your mouth.

Get some healthy munchies if you get hungry in between meals. Consider almonds. Protein bars, pretzels, and beef jerky are also great options. Foods that can be easily packed and consumed on the go fall under this category.

Drink more water to keep you hydrated.

There are several reasons why drinking water instead of sugary sodas or alcoholic drinks can help you feel better on vacation. In addition to helping you feel full for longer, the H2O in your glass can also help you eat less.

Drink alcohol in moderation.

Do you know how they say it’s always 5 o’clock when you’re on vacation? Although the idea is entertaining, your physical self disagrees. If you make a cocktail hour into a drink daily, the number of calories you consume will increase exponentially.

Fruit juice or syrup-based holiday cocktails can be very high in sugar and calories. The inhibition-lowering effects of alcohol can also lead to overeating and snacking. Try drinking less booze.

Don’t go shopping for food hungry.

Inducements abound at the shopping centre. It’s easy to give in to the allure of fast food or the free samples at the cookie kiosk when you’re hungry and out shopping.

Consume a healthy dish.

Bring something nutritious to a holiday gathering, whether a formal dinner or a casual game night, so that everyone has something to eat. Cutting back on the fat in your favourite dishes is a simple way to clean them up.

Never skip your meals. 

Skipping breakfast on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas to “save” calories for dinner may seem like a smart idea at the time, but it usually leads to binge eating later in the day. You may maintain consistent energy and a positive mood throughout the day by starting it off with a healthy breakfast or a smoothie.

Keep in shape still while on holidays or vacays.

There are often ways to do some physical activity on the road. It may be a trek in the woods or an undersea expedition with snorkel gear. No matter what you choose, you will burn some of the calories you’ve consumed while on vacation.

Perhaps all you intend to do is go outside and sit in a chair while reading. In that scenario, before switching to chill mode, it could be beneficial to spend a few minutes on a treadmill or lifting weights.

Get some exercise while on vacation! There’s a lot to take in and enjoy when visiting a new city. Avoid being a homebody and instead venture out to see the sights while on vacation. Check ahead of time to see if you can book a walking tour or bike rental to go about. They’re great for getting some exercise and seeing the sights simultaneously. Yoga and fitness courses, fun races, and bike tours of local wineries are just some of the many summertime activities available, and many are offered at no cost.