Learn these creative and innovative ways of using LED strip lights at home and in the office.

LED lights have revolutionised the lighting industry, entering it in a big style, and the number of benefits excelled all the current competitors, even halogen lights. Their power and excellence lie in their outstanding energy efficiency, surprising lifespan, and great versatility, giving the LED lights the capability of integrating into each decor and style. Interior designers have been seeking innovative ways to take advantage of the flexibility LED strip lights have to offer, transforming home and office spaces into cosy, well-lit, and trendy. These lights can be successfully installed in each room, being equally suitable for a bedroom, which needs the light to be more dimmed; a kitchen, where we need more focused light while cooking; and an office space, where productivity can be greatly impacted by insufficient light.

All you need to know about LED strip lights

Most likely, you have already started using LED lights at home or in the office, but do you know what LED strip lights are? It is a comfortable way to illuminate the room without one source of light but in the form of flexible strips of light composed of LEDs. Their biggest benefit and the reason for their great popularity is the fact that they can be easily attached to various surfaces, being not only the source of light but also one of the decorations, modifying the interior a lot.

They can also be controlled by remote control, which allows you to change the color, shade, or ambience without leaving the couch. Their versatility and discrete character brought them the biggest popularity, along with the reduction of their carbon footprint and the reduction of waste in the long run. Their high number of colours, shades, and levels of dimming allow almost everyone to choose their favourite decor.

When we take a look into LED strip lights, we will discover that there are two types of LED strip lights: one called addressable and the other non-addressable. The former allows users to control each LED individually, giving them a chance to create different patterns and animations. To control them, it is usually necessary to use a computer or special software.

The option of tailoring LED strip lights makes them more expensive. Non-addressable LED strip lights are cheaper but also much easier to install. There is only one driver used for steering, so there is no option for an almost effortless change of lights.

The colours you can expect are varied too, starting with traditional white and coming in two options: warm and cool. Fans of more colour at home should choose RGB strip lights, which can emit red, green, and blue colours. When you think white could be useful, choose RGBW, with W standing for “white.” The lights can be still, or it is possible to use fixed effects, for example, chasing lights, breathing lights, or twinkling stars.

Create your own unique space with LED strip lights

The number of inspirations for home and office space modifications will allow you to choose the most appealing options. Feel free to use your creativity, and following simple rules, install the LED light strips anywhere you feel like to.

#1 Bring light to a dark space

One of the most challenging spaces to decorate and modify is the dark one, far from the natural source of light. If this is a small part of the room, you can use it to place shelves there, or if you are a bookworm, redecorate it into your reading corner. To make the space more cosy, comfortable, and brighter, use strip lights creatively.

Choose ambient or coloured light, depending on your preference, to illuminate the bookshelves and be a sufficient source of light for reading. An adjustable amount of light will be an additional benefit, allowing you to decide based on the current activity.

#2 Transform your living room into a cinema room

The space where you spend your free time must meet a few requirements to ensure the proper way of relaxing as well as to establish a space where everyone can sit down comfortably.

To keep the tradition of family get-togethers, you have to find the opportunity and reason for the members of your family to stay together. Why not think about a cinema room, with the LED light strips creating the intimate atmosphere of the cinema? Adjust the colour of the lights to the genre of the movie you are currently watching to add to the special atmosphere of the show.

 #3 Cook in style like a real chef

The traditional light bulbs in the kitchen? No way; they are way too old-fashioned, giving too much light and not allowing you to fully focus. Cooking like a real chef requires special style too, so why not add LED strip lights under counters and shelves? An additional value of this is the fact that the light will not reflect on wet countertops and furniture fronts, saving you from looking at them greasy and dirty. In the morning, you will appreciate the sip of your coffee in a cosy atmosphere, pretending to be one from a cafeteria.

#4 A deep look into the mirror

Everyone who has to use the mirror knows how important the light is, whether to create perfect make-up or to shave. You can buy a built-in LED strip light option and have them already installed. If you want to use your current mirror, create the lighting yourself, and LED strip lights are just perfect for the task.

#5 Your magic garden

In the daylight, your garden looks fabulous with all the flowers and greenery around. When the sun sets up, the beauty is no longer so easily noticeable. However, it is enough to make sure your garden has something to offer during the day and at night.

Would you feel tempted to sit on a patio with warm, cosy lights, a glass of wine in your hand, and the scent of your flowers? Use strip lights to mark the path leading to your house or the steps leading to your front door. A balcony will also be a perfect location for LED light strips, allowing you and your guests to enjoy the summer weather for much longer.

 #6 Increase productivity in your office

Our brains work better when our eyes receive the proper light amount. Too bright light will be irritating, causing sore eyes and even headaches. On the other hand, the light which does not reach your desk will leave you tired and unproductive too.

The best solution is to use a task light, right above your desk, providing you with an efficient source of light.

With the number of benefits that LED strip lights have to offer, such lighting should be present in each household. With low wattage, the lights are still efficient, and at the same time save energy. With a lifespan of even 50,000 hours, the need to replace the light does not occur too often, reducing the number of waste we produce. And last but not least, even when we need to use new light, the disposal is not so dangerous for our planet as the disposal of other lighting types.