Malton – the self confessed capital of Yorkshire Food

The success of that big French cycle race we had a few years ago in Yorkshire certainly seems to have left its mark, we now have an annual bike race in our amazing county and the legacy lives on for now at least, what was important when we hosted the event is still important today, and that is harnessing the media attention that you receive, I’m often asked why is your blog different, why do you have such a vast audience and social media following, well the answer is we’re just a little bit different to the thousands of other food blogs out there.

It seems that being just a little bit different is the approach that the town of Malton in North Yorkshire as taken too, the self confessed capital of Yorkshire Food is filled with an array of artisan this and that, from ice cream makers to beer producers, coffee roasters and even a butter maker will be making an appearance soon.

IMG_1181 I was recently invited to experience Malton first hand by the travel company Inntravel, they specialise in slow holidays, that is to say, holidays which reveal the lesser-taken path and which offer a truly individual holiday experience.

As well as experiencing some of the artisan producers first hand the majority of the day was spent at the Malton Cookery School, and wow did I enjoy it.

A few bad experiences in cookery schools have led me to ask the question is this actually a cookery lesson or a demonstration the 2 differ massively and I’m personally not a fan of the demonstrations I want to get stuck straight in, teach me, let me make mistakes let me learn!

IMG_1189Thankfully the cookery school at Malton followers the lesson route and learning from the incredibly knowledgeable Gilly Robinson and Sue Nelson was an absolute pleasure.

IMG_1194I’ll spare you the details of everything we cooked, the photos do the talking but I will share with you my highlight or should I say highlights, firstly filleting a fish, I know, I know you’re thinking really? But do you know how many fish I’ve hacked away at over the years? Too many!! The second was butchering a pork lion and turning it in to something that looked like a half decent chef had put it together, ok so both those things play on the alpha male stereotypes but what the hell.

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