What do you get when you mix 3 pals, a 40-year old horse box trailer, and enough rum to sink a ship? Yorkshire’s trendiest mobile bar is about to hit the highway.

Behaviours have changed in the last 2 years, we’ve learnt to adapt, compromise and adjust to a whole new set of rules.

To some this has been a period in which change has been hard to adjust to, for others, it’s been an opportunity, a whole new wave of business has indeed cropped up, to make our journey somewhat more bearable.

The next 2 years will be an opportunity for us to witness which of these newfound behaviours we keep and which ones will become a distant memory and maybe something we reflect on in coming years.

Predictions have already begun, with Brides magazine predicting in the 50 trends that are here to stay for good, that outdoor spaces remain a priority, I guess that’s not just the case for weddings but for other social events too, we’ve become more cosmopolitan as a nation, we drank beer in our coats in the freezing cold and enjoyed music and pop-up events all year round.


It’s this trend that appealed to 3 pals who met 30 years ago whilst at school together and have remained the best of friends, the trio indeed love a beer, one of them is infatuated by it, and with 2 years spent socialising at pop-up events, propping up the mobile bars, it seemed only right that they embarked upon a mobile bar adventure themselves.

It wasn’t long before a chat over a beer had turned into a purchase, a 40-year-old Rice Horse Box Trailer that in most people’s eyes would seem destined for the scrap heap, to the boys from Halifax it was an opportunity to bring the old beauty back to life.

Converted Mobile Bar from Horse Box

“Mobile Bar Hire is incredibly popular now,” says Chris Illingworth Co-Founder of Northern Box Bar, “I think we all have a desire to be at the events in which pop up bars and eateries showcase local produce without limitations, who would have thought that in the UK there’s a whole new generation of people that want a mobile cocktail bar in January?”

The renovation of the portable bar was not without issues, mechanical issues and the availability of parts for a horsebox this age is scarce, to say the least, but today Northern Box Bar is beautifully transformed into a wooden cladded pop-up bar ready to hit the streets of Yorkshire.

We want, what you want

The team at Northern Box Bar are completely agile to the needs of your event, states their website, happy to stock the drinks that represent your event, which could be mainstream lagers and gins or indeed artisan Gin and Prosecco and Craft Beers, regardless of your requirements, be it cocktail bar hire or wedding bar hire, the team at Northern Box Bar have it covered.

“We want to be inclusive for everyone,” said Chris, “hiring a wedding bar or portable mobile bar should come at a low or no cost to your event, we just want everyone to enjoy the beauty of our mobile bar but above all have or be at an event to remember”

Northern Box Bar are available for events from June, more details can be found at > northernboxbar.co.uk