From Dream Home to Reality: How to Move on a Budget Without Breaking a Sweat

Finding a property that ticks all the boxes can feel like a dream come true. And if you are ready for the next phase of your life, before you turn your new home into your ideal property, you’ve got to navigate the almighty task that is moving day. Lots of people find moving companies incredibly expensive, and if that is you and you are considering doing it all yourself, there are a few things that you should bear in mind, including the following:

Have the Right Tools

As easy as it sounds to ask for some extra help, we’re all getting on in years and this means that we might not be as strong as we once were or we can suffer from that dreaded lower back pain, which can be even more pronounced when you’re trying to lift a grand piano or that antique sideboard! Make life easier for yourself and invest in trolleys and pulleys. There are plenty of companies out there that can help you, such as Evo Supplies, so ensure that if you are moving a lot of furniture, make sure that you can do it effortlessly. Moving is physically exhausting, and you will need to have your energy ready to do the unpacking as well.

Rent a Suitable Vehicle

When we’re trying to keep moving costs down, we invariably think that we can put a lot of the stuff in our car. The biggest problem is that when you start a factory, the costs of moving things back and forth from one property to another via car add up over time. Is it more financially viable to get a moving van for a 24-hour period? It’s also worth pointing out that you will need to fuel the van yourself as well. Just make sure that you do the number crunching, and if you can find a van rental company that provides a big box truck and has a lift at the back, you will have a far easier experience.

Know How to Lift Safely

Something we can all experience when we’re moving house is the pressure to get it done quickly. This means that if we’ve got 20 boxes that need to go from the house to the van, we try and do it as quickly as possible, and this means that we get into a routine where, over time, our form fails us. When you are lifting heavy items, whether it’s boxes or furniture, you’ve got to lift from your knees and not your back! Make sure you get help with heavy items when necessary. We can all feel that we want to showcase some prowess by lifting something heavy, but if you endure yourself now, you will be able to lift anything else!

While we can all think that saving money is the best way to get started in our new home, moving day is one of those things that actually cost more than we realise, even when we’re trying to penny-pinch. Hopefully, some of these practices will make moving money-friendly and less of a chore.