Letterbox friendly packs, smelling delicious!

Coffee is at its best when it is fresh – ideally a few days after roasting. If you don’t happen to live near an independent roaster then you probably buy your coffee at the supermarket. The problem is this has often been sitting on the shelf for months. Enter Pact Coffee to send you delicious speciality coffee roasted within the last 7 days through the post. They send to any UK postal address and it comes in letterbox friendly packs, smelling delicious!

  • You can get wholebean or freshly ground according to how you like to make your coffee at home and they are a very approachable and friendly bunch open to answer any questions you might have about how to perfect your technique.

  • Pact Coffee works as a flexible subscription service so you never have to run out of great coffee but there is also no contract and you can pause deliveries at anytime (you manage your account online).

Pact Coffee is offering Yorkshire Pudd readers a special offer to try out their coffee for just £1 (normally £6.95). Go to www.pactcoffee.com and use the voucher ‘YORKSHIREPUDD’ and get your first bag for £1 including p&p.