The All New RAV4 provides a standard, that for me, seems a relatively cheap way of motoring.

With a continued demand for SUV’s and an uncertainty as to whether it should be petrol or diesel powered vehicles we should be purchasing the all new RAV4 from Toyota kinda solves that problem, the self charging hybrid delivers upwards of 40 miles to a gallon of fuel thanks mainly to it’s impressive technology that in essence switches between it’s battery and engine to power the vehicle.

Intrigued by what it’s like to drive, I was lucky enough to get the chance to experience the new RAV4 fresh from the production line thanks to the guys at Vantage Motor Group in Wakefield.

Demand is already high for the RAV4, priced from £29,640 (May 2019) it provides a standard, that for me, seems a relatively cheap way of motoring.

The exterior of the car is typically Japanese, sleek, modern yet almost muscular in it’s looks, the interior is similarly impressive curvy lines and a comfortable seating position.

Whilst the technology powering the vehicle is impressive, the technology providing driver assistance internally is not that impressive, no apple car play, a rather clunky Sat Nav system and graphics and displays that look like they’ve been adapted straight from a 1980’s pirated VHS movie gives you an ideal of how underwhelmed I am.

Probably the most difficult thing to get used to in the Toyota Hybrids however is the engine noise, it’s incredibly difficult to explain, it kinda rev’s when you maybe don’t expect it to rev, I’m guessing it’s something to do with the charging of the battery, it’s rather irritating albeit is this just the way vehicles will be in the future? Is it that Toyota are the brand that will change the acoustics of engine noise for ever?

We used the weekend with the RAV4 from Vantage Toyota Wakefield to explore and area that I’d not been to for sometime, Ilkley Moor.

Safe in the knowledge that the RAV4 was high enough to mount the kerb and park on the grass verge close to the Cow & Calf, we loaded it up with our walking boots a packed lunch and refreshments.

The car copes perfectly with everyday life, the little one loved the high seating position the vehicle delivers and I have to say looking down on it as we climbed the moor you can’t help but me impressed by it’s splendour, for me, it out rivals it’s competition and with the excellant fuel economy it delivers, it’s a vehicle very much worth taking a look at.

Vantage Toyota have 4 dealerships in Yorkshire (Wakefield, Leeds, Scarborough & York) you can check out the dealership I got the RAV4 from at Silkwood Business Park in Wakefield.