I won’t sacrifice ease for flavour!

Even the most dedicated foodie needs to cut the odd corner from time to time.

I’m no different.  For instance, there is hardly any avoiding those evenings when I need an easy starter for unexpected dinner guests.

At the same time, I won’t sacrifice ease for flavour.  I need the food to be up to the high standards my guests have come to expect with some of the masterpieces we’ve created of late.

There happens to be a high quality product I am pleased to use for just such occasions.  It is appearing in the local farm shops and markets around Yorkshire lately and it’s called Supplì, produced Cini.

I am a big fan of Italian food and this particular find is one that I am glad to make you aware of.  Supplì are snacks made of rice, usually risotto, with cheese at the center.  They are breaded and fried and sometimes covered in tomato sauce.  Originally, Supplì are from Rome, but Cini has brought them to Yorkshire.

Cini provides three flavours of Supplì – Tomato & Mozzarella, Porcini Mushroom & Parmesan with Mozzarella, and Pancetta & Gorgonzola.

There is certainly something to tantalise every taste.  Personally, the pancetta & gorgonzola is my favourite and my guests have preferred it as well.

While Supplì are sometimes accompanied by a tomato sauce, a dipping sauce is not required whatsoever.  The gooey cheese centre in each of Cini’s Supplì flavours provides just the right amount of sauce to balance the crispy breadcrumb shell.

To create the perfect starter, I dressed some rocket leaves in a garlic-infused olive oil and then reduced some balsamic vinegar to create a balsamic syrup.  This nice, sharp flavour pairs very well with the Supplì.

I’ve got a feeling this won’t be the last time we talk about Italian risotto and cheese snacks on Yorkshire Pudd.  However, next time I think I’ll try my hand at making my own Supplì.  Stay tuned for that recipe!