Olympic medalists like Yorkshire’s own Alistair Brownlee train hard.  According to an article in The London Evening Standard, Yorkshire Pudding is part of his training regimen.  Wow!

I can’t promise Olympic-level strength and fitness after you eat my award-winning Yorkshire Pudd.  I do think it will make you extremely happy though and a recipe like that can’t be kept under lock and key.  That’s why I make my Yorkshire Pudding recipe available here on my blog.  How good is my Yorkshire Pudd?  My championship dish made headlines recently and supporters can’t help but notice my willingness to encourage others to prepare our hometown favorite.

Whatever your take on Yorkshire Pudding, here is what you need to remember for your recipe:  use fresh, local ingredients.  Fresh produce in your recipe makes a powerful difference compared to using processed, pre-packaged, or dried ingredients.  Fresh ingredients benefit your recipes and your patronage benefits our local businesses.  That brings us to the next and most natural ingredient you’ll need for Yorkshire Pudd –  Yorkshire spirit!  With these tips in mind, you can hardly go wrong with your Yorkshire Pudd.

Now, all secret ingredients aside, here is the heart of the matter:  food brings us together.  Competition cooking is validating when you win, but I don’t lose sight of how good it feels to bring people together with delicious hometown favorites.  From gold medalists to the girl next door, we love our Yorkshire Pudd.  When you make your own, I want you to have fun doing it and let me know how it turns out – info@yorkshirepudd.co.uk.  I love hearing from you!

  • Chris

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