On some active days, some children can be hungry all the time. Yet, most packaged foods in the market can be unhealthy for them to consume. They’re often filled with unhealthy ingredients like sugar, processed flour, and artificial additives.

Snack time is an excellent moment to squeeze some additional nutrients into your children’s diet. Rather than heavily processed snacks, satisfy your child’s stomach with healthy snacks that will provide enough nourishment and energy. Here are the best healthy snacks that would surely leave your kids asking for more.


Smoothies are a great way to clear out your fridge and freezer or to amp up your snack, particularly when it’s getting hotter outside. Go for drinks with little to no added sugar, or add honey if you want it to be sweet. You can also use milk or unsweetened non-dairy milk, adding smoothness to the smoothies.

To make a hearty smoothie, combine fruits and veggies, kefir or yoghurt, and a healthy fat source, including flax, chia seeds, or even nut butter. Then, add nutritious grains to the mix for additional nutrients, such as oats or iron-fortified oatmeal. Smoothies can hydrate and provide youngsters with a jolt of energy and fill them up with healthy foods.

Ice Lolly

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Frozen Fruit Pops

Do you want to give the kids a treat that would make them happy? Try going for frozen fruit pops during snack time! To keep added sugars to a minimum, consider treats made entirely of fruit and fruit juices. Frozen fruit pops are especially easy to make, so you would not have to get them from the market all the time.

To make one, ask for some help from your little helpers. Just get some squeezed yoghurt from the dairy section and have them frozen in the fridge to make a delightful, protein-rich snack that kids will surely ask for more. Fruit pops also promote hydration and assist in cooling down our bodies during the warmer seasons.

Raisin Snack Packs

Raisins are grapes that have been dried and include almost all the nutrients from fresh grapes. In addition, they have a good amount of iron, which is a mineral that many youngsters lack. Iron is necessary and required for oxygen to be delivered throughout the body. They also include plant chemicals like oleanolic acid, which may help shield your child’s teeth against cavities by blocking the bacteria from latching to them. Finally, raisin snack packs are convenient and simple, healthier snacks than other convenience meals.

Turkey and Avocado Roll-Ups

Turkey is known to contain high protein, which is necessary for the growth and repair of tissues in the body. It is also filling, so it’ll keep the youngsters pleased in between mealtime. Apart from that, avocados are high in folate, fibre, pantothenic acid, potassium, vitamin C and K.

All these nutrients are particularly excellent for your heart. It is also quite simple to make this healthy snack at home. Peel and slice an avocado, then put them in lime juice to prevent them from browning. Lastly, wrap a piece of turkey around all avocado slices and toss them into the oven.

Nut Butter on Crackers or Apple Slices

But Butter

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Even if your children enjoy peanut butter sandwiches regularly, they are usually content to have peanut butter as their snack. You can try experimenting with different nut butter, such as cashew and almond. Then, have your children spread them over whole-grain crackers, rice cakes, or even sliced apples for a boost of flavour but still have the nutrients required for them to grow.

Whole-Grain Waffles

Whole-grain waffles aren’t just for breakfast; they also make a wonderful snack on the road. Just take them out from the freezer and toast them with toppings like peanut butter or almond butter. You could also pair them with some fruits for added nutrients.

Allow the kids to customise their waffles with their favourite toppings and decorations for other snack-time fun. Seek for whole grains first (after water) on the ingredient list for a nutritious frozen waffle. To find the best frozen whole-grain waffles in stores, keep an eye on the ingredient lists and go for those with whole grains stated first.


These selections of snacks are a fantastic starting point to be paired with lunch or between meals. Whether your children prefer sweet or savoury, there are lots of options in the kitchen to always cheer them up with. Do not forget to remind them to drink plenty of water after snacking time to maintain a healthy hydration level. While plain water is fine, a moderate amount of flavour may entice your children to drink more. Make it even more interesting by adding bits of fruit to have a boost of flavour. This way, your child would be hydrated and nourished at the same time.