Stockdales label themselves as specialists in the finest quality beef.

I’m excited beyond belief at the moment because I think in recent weeks I’ve eaten the most impressive piece of beef ever.

Before I explain more it’s important to detail two establishments where steak has propelled my taste buds to whole new levels. The first is Au Cote d’Argent, a fine dinning restaurant on the seafront close to the port of Calais in France, an absolutely amazing restaurant, it’s very traditional in décor and service, they serve the finest foods, freshest seafood and amazing steak, they even have a dessert trolley.

The second is Santa Maria Del Sur in South West London, a lot less formal that Au Cote D’Argent but certainly just as impressive when it comes to the flavour of their beef. It’s an Argentinian Steakhouse complete with bricked walls and wooden floors etc. Not the easiest to get to without transport but trust me the tube and bus ride will be worth it.

Back in Yorkshire, what choice do we have? Restaurant chains and Brazilian Rodizo’s don’t really do it for me and up until recently Leeds has struggled (in my humble opinion).

But that’s just changed on an epic scale thanks to the brand new opening of Stockdales of Yorkshire located on South Parade in Leeds

Egg and Soliders at StockdalesStockdales label themselves as specialists in the finest quality beef and to be honest I can’t argue with that. But it’s not just the steak that’s good. The whole experience is one of joy.

Upon entering Stockdales I’m immediately greeted and shown to a table to enjoy one of their signature champagne cocktails. It’s a mixture of Yorkshire rhubarb and Prosecco, an impressive blend and not one I’ve tried before.

To accompany my cocktail I’m treated to an array of canapés which range from black pudding croquettes with mustard mayo to truffle hollandaise with sourdough soldiers. Both are really well thought out nibbles and provide a welcome treat whilst we chat before moving downstairs into the heart of the restaurant.

Black Pudding at StockdalesThe Stockdales restaurant has a real contemporary feel, wooden panelled walls and luxury leather seating gives a feel of quality. It’s light without been over illuminated but dark enough to allow for intimacy.

I think it’s fair to say that the assiette of starters displays the chef’s eye for detail, a parfait that’s topped with the most amazing damson jam, a king prawn cocktail in which the chef as painstakingly produced the most amazing shellfish mayonnaise and a fillet steak tartare which in which the umami sends your taste buds into fits of appreciation.

Onto the main and can things get any better? Yes, they absolutely can. A lump of Wagyu sirloin beef that’s been perfectly cooked (rare) at the optimum temperate using a water bath (otherwise known as a Sous Vide) before being finished off over 480c charcoal to give the ultimate flavour.

Starter at StockdalesIt’s served with charred gem lettuce, creamed spinach, beef dripping chips, a truffle hollandaise and house gravy.

Let me put on record right here right now – simply the best piece of beef I have ever eaten. It’s a bold statement I know, but one I absolutely stand by. The flavours are immense and the charred outer with the rare inner is exactly how a piece of beef of this quality should be executed.

For dessert we’re treated to an assiette of desserts, dark chocolate tart, bitter creamy & dreamy, lemon curd baked Alaska which is very good indeed and then my absolute favourite a toasted hazelnut crème brulee, what can I say? Spectacular!!

Wagyu Beef at StockdalesIt’s not just the food and décor at Stockdales that reeks of quality and attention to details. It’s the wall to ceiling fridge on first entering the restaurant that’s packed full of beef ready for the kitchen, it’s the beef dripping that’s served with the fresh baked bread that’s delivered to the table, and it’s also the quality and knowledge of the staff that attend to your every need.

Well done Stockdakes… outstanding. I can’t wait to visit again!

Stockdales of Yorkshire | 8 South Parade Leeds LS |