a special few who do fried chicken better than anyone else

Who doesn’t love a good fried chicken dinner? Crispy wings, crunchy thighs, or an entire serving right on top of a syrup smothered waffle – now that’s historic! Whichever way you spin it, fried chicken has been a popular choice with many people for years – particularly with our friends across the Atlantic. However, this timeless classic isn’t often given the credit it deserves for its lower ranking on the professional culinary totem pole.

Often times fried chicken is associated with low-quality fast-food restaurants that rapidly churn out kilos of it to keep up with the ever-increasing demand. Although these types of establishments are everywhere you turn, especially in Yorkshire, there are in fact a special few who do fried chicken better than anyone else. Let’s take a look at where you can get your flavourful fix in and around God’s Own County.

Marstons Chicken Shop

Located in West Yorkshire is Marstons Chicken Shop, the place to find the tastiest fried chicken since 1985. Although it may not look like much from the outside, once you get closer you’ll see crowds of hungry visitors lined up outside eagerly awaiting their chance to order. Local farmer John Marston opened the restaurant over three decades ago and today it’s still a favorite for a scrumptious, salty supper.

Nowadays their menu contains everything from mixed pieces to filets, sandwiches, wraps and, of course, wings. It’s the perfect place to order from if you’re hosting a poker game night, movie premiere viewing, birthday party, or outdoor celebration. The chicken is so good that maybe you’ll be inspired to create your own crispy chicken version as an irresistible snack for your next home event. After all, it’s the ideal food to eat while playing games as guests don’t have to worry about plates and silverware. Pair them with a creative French fry board and you’ll be the entertainer of the year!

Fried Chicken

Many people come to Marstons Chicken Shop for a chance to take away their delectable fried chicken wings


Located smack dab in Yorkshire’s centre is Skosh, a contemporary small plates restaurant whose food is as delicious as it is stylish. This is a diverse list after all, so we’ve transitioned from fried chicken take away to dining in for a fancy night out. Since the summer of 2016 Skosh has been serving refined culinary works of art to all who grace its open kitchen concept. Although the menu boasts lobster dumplings and burrata covered tomatoes, Skosh is well-known and highly praised for one dish specifically: their famous fried chicken.

Served next to a bed of congee, the chicken is masterfully battered and ignites bursts of flavor in your mouth. If you’re looking for an upscale bird, this is the place to find it.

Absurd Bird

Speaking of birds, Absurd Bird is a favorite in Leeds as many visitors travel outside of the region’s centre just for a chance at trying their crispy fried chicken, namely the chicken and waffles. This unconventional dish has exploded in popularity recently and Absurd Bird has stayed one step ahead of the action. Savory gravy, sweet maple syrup, and a serving of fried chicken strips come together to create an out-of-this-world flavor combo that will blow your mind.

In fact, the local community has even teamed up with the restaurant as one of Leed’s most visited gaming centres, The Grosvenor Casino, now fuels their visitors with Absurd Bird’s famous fried chicken delights.

Absurd Bird serves up one of the best chicken and waffle plates you’ll ever eat

Kennedy’s Bar and Restaurant

A cross between casual and quaint, Kennedy’s Bar and Restaurant in York is one of the city’s most frequented dining establishments, with a menu of sultry steaks, stacked burgers and refreshing cocktails. Not surprisingly, Kennedy’s fried chicken is also a fan favorite and guests rave about its authentic taste. For a hearty lunch or tasty dinner, it’s definitely the place to be.