incredibly eclectic region for tourists to explore

Yorkshire is one of the most idyllic and typically “British” parts of the UK and is an incredibly eclectic region for tourists to explore. You have everything from rolling dales to ancient castles and picturesque coastal towns to major cities.

City-wise, you’re spoilt for choice in Yorkshire. You’ve got York, Leeds, Sheffield and Hull all within an hour of each other by car or train. If you happen to be in Leeds, you can also catch a half-hour train to Ilkley which is a tranquil small town in West Yorkshire that can provide a nice counterbalance to the noise of the city.

Then you have the more beautiful countryside to discover and everything in between. For our money, the following locations represent the ideal balance for domestic and international tourists alike.


Harrogate Building

Harrogate is well known throughout the UK and rightly so. It is a beautiful and historic town and offers a great deal such as a range of independent shops and parks as well as the famous Betty’s tearooms. What it’s most renowned for, however, is the Turkish Baths and its history as a spa town. The local mineral springs have given the area international fame almost rivalling Bath.


It wouldn’t be right to not mention Whitby on this list. The seaside town is bustling with gothic ruins and great eateries and if you’re a fan of Bram Stoker’s Dracula it represents something of a pilgrimage location. It’s also famous for its seafood (particularly the scampi) and is a more elegant alternative to similar UK seaside towns like Blackpool and Brighton.



This must be close to if not the most photographed place in North Yorkshire. Knaresborough is another fantastic little town which has superb scenery and a beautiful Victorian viaduct that is truly inspiring to walk alongside. It also boasts the oldest visitor attraction in the UK – Mother Shipton’s Cave. This natural wonder includes g well that turns everyday objects to stone.

Robin Hood’s Bay

An old fishing town built between two imposing cliffs, the bizarre architecture and charming atmosphere of this historic town claims millions of new fans every year. It was a bay once famously used by smugglers and there’s a lot to learn for those interested in sordid history.

North Yorkshire Moors

North Yorkshire Moors Railway

An area of outstanding beauty, the Moors appear to go on forever and are beloved by hikers, horse riders and cyclists. If you are into the glory of mother nature, then the moors might be the most perfect location in the UK. Perhaps even Europe! Shaped over generations, the rolling hills of the North York Moors contain some of the most challenging walks you’ll find on this side of Snowdon.