Just one person left to entertain for the evening, you!

It’s a Saturday night, your partner is out of the evening with friends and the little one is tucked up safely in bed, which leaves just one person left to entertain for the evening, you!

As you would expect, before I cosy up on the sofa, food is high on the agenda so I’ve prepared ahead a 250g Ribeye Steak from Swaledale is sitting at room temperature on the kitchen worksurface, for those not in the know Swaledale is on-line butchers who, as you can imagine, are based in Yorkshire.

No need for any fancy sauces or elaborate accompaniments when I’m cooking for one, a handful of rocket leaves drenched in balsamic glaze and a tower of crispy potato slices from the supermarket will suffice, my focus is on the perfect cooking of the ribeye.

A bottle of Red wine in hand sourced from Nick at the Borough Market in Halifax, and I’m ready to sink into the sofa, Netflix on my own doesn’t really do it for me, so I’m looking for a source of entertainment that encompasses entertainment with excitement.

Bingo Big at Lottoland provides the perfect space, the opportunity to win up to £ 5 million together with hours of exhilarating entertainment whilst sipping my Rioja means the night is made.

It would be wrong not to devour a dessert whilst you have full responsibility for making all the choices, whilst ice cream or cheesecake is high on the agenda when I’m feeling particularly naughty, the Cherry Fresh Cream Sundae from Morrisons is an absolute winner, a portion size to satisfy your mischievousness.

With the latest football scores on Match of the Day digested and my partner continuing her girly night out there’s only one way for me to end the evening, sinking into my bed, dog at my side, with a great book.

I’ve never been one for fictional literature, it’s not real, I can’t see the point, and so I turn to my latest biography read, which generally is going to be the tale of rags to riches from an inspiring individual that fills the final moment of my day with energy to embrace the next day that comes along.

Lights Out, Good night all.