From Swipe to Sweetness: Mastering First Dates with Foodie Flair and Confidence Boosts

First dates make or break relationships. If the first date goes well, there’ll be a second date. If it doesn’t, back to swiping left and right… And swiping can become so tiring when getting to a third date with someone seems out of your reach.

Luckily, there are a few tricks to make first dates sweeter. We’ll share them below.

The Role of Online Platforms in Finding Other Foodies

Before we make you drool by mentioning some of the best dishes for first dates, we need to give a simple yet effective tip for getting results online. Not everyone is a foodie, but if you are, share that with the world. And don’t do it in a boring way like people whose descriptions say that they like to eat. No way?! So shocking. They must be unique.

Instead of blending with the crowd, stand out. Say you love beef tongue in sauce (or whatever your favourite dish is). The goal is to make it specific because that shows personality. And personality attracts better matches.

Another way online platforms help single people is through local niche sites. Instead of competing with millions of singles worldwide, members focus on people they can meet in person. Let’s say you prefer casual dating to a committed partnership. In this case, joining onenightfriend platform would save a lot of time because everyone else on the site is on the same page seeking dates instead of long-term relationships.

Navigating Nervous Excitement and Expectations

Sharing a meal with someone is an intimate act. It’s a sign of trust. But when singles go on dates, they sometimes expect too much from them. Or they overthink everything.

What if I make a weird sound while drinking? What if I burp? What if I spill a glass of wine over the entire table? What if I ask to share a bite of my dish? What if I don’t?

All that puts a lot of pressure on people before the date begins. So, they get on a date and sit like two mannequins because they’re scared of “what ifs”.

Whatever happens (unless you kick a puppy in a restaurant or something equally crazy), it’s normal. We all spill wine from time to time. We all burp sometimes. The beauty of meeting a great match is that you feel relaxed with them from the start. If there’s any kind of awkward atmosphere in the air, maybe it’d be best to leave before dessert.

Top 5 Dishes for First Dates

Many first dates take place in restaurants. Knowing some popular and (most important) safe choices can be your advantage. You can even get more creative and cook your dinner together. We don’t generally suggest singles to have first dates at someone’s home, but if trust is high enough, making any of these dishes at home would make the date a lot better.


Sushi, a Japanese culinary art, is great for the first date. Especially if a potential couple is making them for one another. That makes everything more romantic because they can make maki rolls that match the other person’s taste.

Of course, those who can’t make sushi can always go to a local sushi restaurant. There, they can watch a pro do its magic and enjoy the show, food, and each other’s company. Why? Because preparing food is good, enjoying it is better.

Steak and Wine

Some dishes are classics for a reason. A perfectly cooked steak paired with a fine wine offers a luxurious and romantic dining experience. Those who want to make it at home (and aren’t very experienced in the kitchen) would probably be able to (at least) make a steak edible after reading tips from the pros.


Not every first date has to be luxurious. Fine dining is okay. Yet, finding someone who hangs out with you while you’re in a tracksuit and dripping ketchup on your shoes is amazing. And don’t forget how affordable fast food is compared to good restaurants. That also matters for the first date. You’d probably feel stupid after paying for a lobster only to realize there’s no future.


Tapas are great for making at home because an average bear can make them, and humans should be more intelligent than average bears. Yet, those lazier-than-average sloths can always go to the nearest tapas place and have a first date there.

Spaghetti Carbonara

This famous dish is always a good choice for the first date because it’s easy to make, so everyone can impress their potential matches if they’re meeting at home. And every Italian restaurant offers it, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a spot in your area with a great carbonara.

You see… Now we’re hungry. And we don’t even have any dates planned. Good luck finding yours.