some of the most vibrant and, most importantly, brand-new sights of the city to diversify the itinerary of the vacation to Dubai

Dubai is a global hub for activities and entertainment. Every visitor to this magnetic city is sure to visit the Dancing Fountains, the Burj Khalifa and a couple of extraordinary malls with entertainment. Be sure to stop by the Mall of Emirates, which is maybe the most well-known ski slope in the world, to visit the largest indoor aquarium in the world. But! We present some of the most vibrant and, most importantly, brand-new sights of the city to diversify the itinerary of the vacation to Dubai. The following is a list of must-see attractions in Dubai for individuals who believe they have “seen everything.”

Dubai Safari Park

A 119-hectare eco-friendly zoo, which is the successor to the old Dubai Zoo. Here, they tried as much as possible to recreate the natural conditions of life of animals. All four-legged friends (there are 2500 animals in the park!) live in 3 climatic zones-villages: Arab, African and Asian. Microzones: Safari Village, where animals roam freely both in the savannah and pastures, and people move around in armoured jeeps. Al Wadi Valley with picnic islands and food courts; a children’s farm where young guests can take care of goats, cows, rabbits and other contact animals.

The park is very large, sometimes it is even difficult for guests to move from one part to another, but the main “customers” of comfort here are Animals. For the same reason, the location of Dubai Safari Park is not central, it is removed from the main roads and highways. The nearest metro stations are Rasidya and Etisalat, or you can use the car rental service Renty. Save your time and make your trip comfortable thanks to a rented car, especially since today car rental is a surprisingly affordable service. And if you have difficulties with choosing a car, then highly qualified car rental specialists will help you make the right choice and settle all the formalities quickly.

The Lakes of Love in the Al Qudra desert

It is a new natural attraction near Dubai, however, of artificial origin. Love Lakes – The Lakes of Love in Dubai is a gift to the city and all residents from the Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The 2 heart-shaped lakes and the trees that form the word Love look amazing from a bird’s eye view or a hot air balloon. And from the ground, it’s just a nice place by the pond, where you can make a good photo shoot, for example.

The Al Qudra desert is a fairly popular holiday destination for Dubai residents themselves. It is not at all lifeless, people often come here to take a walk on the weekends and have a family barbecue.

Ain Dubai

This huge Ferris wheel on Bluewaters Island opened in 2021. This is a huge and rather complex project. The wheel became the highest in the world (250 meters). After all, it doesn’t happen otherwise in Dubai, you have to beat records! They say that the weight of the structures of the Ain Dubai is equal to the weight of 16 airbuses. The passenger capacity of the wheel is 1900 people, which can accommodate 50 cabins, some of which are of the elite class, with a bar!

Etihad Museum

By location, this museum is practically a neighbour of La Mer beach, located in the Jumeirah area. The Etihad Museum is historical, it tells about how Dubai and the United Arab Emirates developed. However, here you will not see the usual dioramas and dummies, as in our history museums. The Dubai Etihad Museum is very modern, almost all the exhibitions are interactive. The museum building itself also deserves your attention. Designed by architects from Canada, the museum seems to follow the outline of the paper sheet of the UAE constitution with a stylus or pen that serves as its support. The museum was built on the site of the former House of the Unions, where the State Constitution was signed. And although the content is serious – the history of the Persian Gulf, the origins of the statehood of the UAE, etc., here you will not get bored and take beautiful pictures.

VR Park Museum of Virtual Reality in Dubai

The museum is located in the shopping mall Dubai Mall, it has no analogues in scope in the Middle East yet. This is not just a hall of simulators and attractions with VR helmets, here on 2 floors the best world developments are collected. Entrance to the park is free, but simulations are selected for an additional fee, there are 20 of them in total. Interestingly, a visitor can spend no more than 3 hours in the VR park. Thanks to the organizers who are worried that the parallel reality will not replace the real one for the guests.

In 2019, a new attraction “Flying Falcon” appeared. With the help of a VR helmet, reality is built in the session, you soar like a bird between the skyscrapers of Dubai. Special effects are achieved with the help of air currents, when the wind is felt and the complete illusion of flight and change of direction of movement at altitude.