With a little investment, you can make a huge change to the look and feel of your kitchen.

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in any home. The character and decor of your kitchen can set the tone for the rest of the home. They can be costly to remodel and renovate, however. Here are some low-cost kitchen design ideas that can give the heart of your home a whole new look without breaking the bank.

Kitchen Islands

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, a kitchen island is its soul. These simple and cost-effective additions not only help you define and arrange your kitchen space, they quickly become the location for socialising and family meetings. They work as a breakfast bar, a dining table, or a bar when a party gets started.

Installing one is expensive, and with a little professional help, they are incredibly functional. They are a great spot to install sinks and dishwashers, but you will need a plumber’s help. MyBuilder can help you find the right plumber at the right price. Simply search for plumbers near me and you can find an experienced local contractor with recommendations from local homeowners just like you.

Re-Tile With Style

Tiled Wall

For a quick and low-cost kitchen makeover, simply change your tiling. You can remove any existing tiles in a day, and put new ones up in the same amount of time. It only takes a weekend to get the job done. It is not too difficult to do either. Watch a few videos online, take your time, and make sure your tiling is straight and you are done.

You can add both colour and texture to a kitchen with tiles too. Flat tiling can be a little easier to keep clean, but with textured tiling, you add some depth and interest to the walls. Choose a style that suits the home and your existing decor. Think, oblong tiling suits a victorian era home that has a traditional kitchen. For a modern look, choose larger square tiles that have a pattern.

Upscale Your Fittings

For another simple and cost-effective upgrade, replace your taps, drawer and cupboard handles, and the light fixings. Without completing a complete remodel you can give your kitchen a whole new look. You can save even more money by recycling used fixtures. Look online for kitchen equipment and fixtures. Many people will spend thousands of pounds on a new kitchen, throwing out nearly new fittings.

You can replace your kitchen cupboards with upscaled, secondhand doors and drawers. The chassis or carcasses of kitchen cupboards come in just a few sizes. This means you can easily replace the front facias without having to replace the whole cupboards. You can get a serious upgrade for just a couple of hundred pounds, or even for free if someone nearby is replacing their kitchen.

New Counters, New Kitchen

With a little extra investment, you can make a huge change to the look and feel of your kitchen. Worktops and countertops are a huge part of the space, and by upgrading these you can completely update the look of your existing kitchen without having to get out the paint pots and brushes. There are lots of materials to choose from too, giving you access to many different styles.

Stainless steel is a popular option for a modern look, or surfaces like quartz and granite though they can be very expensive. For a more affordable fit, you can purchase some MDF Cut To Size, use it to bulk up and protect the cabinet below, and then add thinner sheets of material on top.

Living edge, natural look wooden countertops give a rustic-themed kitchen an amazing look, and each one is unique. No one will ever see kitchen worktops like yours anywhere else. The work can be complicated to do unless you are handy at DIY. Consider getting the help of a pro. It may add to the expense, but it will give you a better finish.

Simply Accessorise

Kitchen Modern Design

For a new look for the heart of your home, simply accessorise. This is by far the cheapest and easiest way to upscale your kitchen. Pictures, nick-nacks, and utensils can all give your kitchen a new look and feel without having to make a substantial investment of time or money. Mirrors are a good shout too, they can bounce light from the window into dull and dank corners.

The kitchen clock is an important accessory and can add a lot of character to the space. Choose something unique or oversized to dominate a wall and set the tone. If you want a modern look, consider getting a digital clock or even a touchscreen tablet that you can use to display recipes. Why not add Alexa to your kitchen? Digital assistants are great for cooking timings, letting you set multiple alarms with voice commands.

Put all five of these ideas together and you will have a whole new kitchen without putting a hole in your bank balance. These top tips are all quick to do and inexpensive. Restyle your kitchen and enjoy a whole new cooking space with these excellent low-cost design ideas.