those little details will help your service stand out amongst the rest

If you’re thinking about opening a restaurant or giving your business a revamp, you need to think about those little details that will help your service stand out amongst the rest. Competition is high in the UK, with over 32,659 registered restaurants in 2023 so you’ll need to understand what they do well and areas where you can improve for a better experience.

Remember, the devil is in the detail and if your establishment doesn’t provide an all-rounded, refined experience for customers, they’ll go elsewhere. There are three elements in particular that you need to pay attention to and consider as if you were a customer yourself: design and decoration, food quality and presentation, and customer service.

Design and decoration

You want to entice customers in and then convince them to stay so your design and décor are important. It will dictate how your customer perceives your brand and the level of service they expect. Ultimately, customers could have eaten at home so making the interior as stylish and inviting as possible is essential.

This applies to little things like temperature and ambience. Equipment such as air curtains from suppliers like RS  can make your restaurant a comfortable place for all seasons and weather.

Something to keep in mind is that everything from the taps to the flooring in the bathroom need to be considered too, and it should all be high quality, like the fixtures and fittings from Bath Shack. Just because you don’t see the guest/public bathroom often as the owner doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have the fine attention to detail that everywhere else has. The cloakroom, the hall, and even the lighting above any mirrors should all be curated to perfection. Leaving absolutely nothing to chance.

Experimenting with your décor can also give you a unique selling point that gives you a competitive edge over other eateries. This could be anything from an interior theme to having an amazing view of your location.

Customer service

Customers aren’t going to visit your establishment if your staff is rude and your service is poor, so customer service is a priority. Staff needs to be trained to deliver services in good time and to interact with customers professionally and politely.

There are many strategies for improving customer service but one of the most important is listening to the feedback that your customers give you. Whether it is constructive criticism or positive feedback, this gives you an invaluable look into how consumers experience your restaurant.

You can then make any necessary improvements or developments in areas that have been identified. This ensures increased customer satisfaction and improves your brand’s reputation.

Food quality and presentation

Providing good food is a no-brainer – after all, people can always cook for themselves. You need your food to be something different from what they could whip up at home and this generally involves using high-quality ingredients. We eat with our eyes first too, so making sure that your dishes are professionally presented will make them more appetising and cost-effective.

Having good food quality and presentation will increase the likelihood of repeat business and will earn your restaurant a good reputation.