Exploring the Vibrant Food Scene in Leeds City Centre

Leeds is a food lover’s paradise, and the city is home to some of the best restaurants in the UK. If you’re looking for the top places to eat in Leeds, look no further! In this blog post, we will highlight the five best restaurants in Leeds city centre that offer a relaxed dining experience with outstanding food. From Thai street food to Neapolitan pizza, these restaurants are sure to satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting more. So, let’s explore the best restaurants Leeds has to offer.

1. Zaap Thai

Zaap Thai

If you’re looking for a bustling Bangkok market atmosphere and authentic Thai street food, Zaap Thai is the place to go. Located in the Grand Arcade on Vicar Lane in Leeds City Centre, this restaurant offers a vibrant and energetic dining experience. Since opening its doors in 2015, Zaap Thai has been a hit with locals and visitors alike. Step inside and immerse yourself in the colourful decor, and indulge in some of the best Thai food in town.

2. Mowgli Street Food

Mowgli Leeds

If you’re in the mood for vibrant and healthy Indian street food, Mowgli is the perfect place to go. Located near Leeds train station, this restaurant offers a unique dining experience that celebrates the raw and intense flavours of Indian cuisine. Founded on the idea of how Indians eat at home and on their streets, Mowgli serves up tiffins full of fresh and zesty dishes that are sure to leave you feeling satisfied. The restaurant is not about an intimate or hushed dining experience, but instead about the smash-and-grab zing of virtuosic herbs and spices. Come and experience the colourful and lively atmosphere of Mowgli and indulge in some of the best Indian street food in Leeds.

3. Fat Annie’s

Fat Annie's Leeds

If you’re in the mood for a satisfying and delicious hot dog or burger, Fat Annie’s is the place to go. Established in 2014 after an inspiring trip to New York, Fat Annie’s started out as a cart on the streets of Manchester’s Northern Quarter, selling quality hot dogs to festival goers and football fans. In 2017, they opened their first permanent home in Leeds Kirkgate Market’s Food Hall. In late 2020, Fat Annie’s went totally meat-free and expanded their menu to include a range of vegetarian and vegan burgers, as well as a variety of banging sides. Whether you’re a meat eater or a vegetarian, Fat Annie’s has something for everyone. Come and experience the buzzing atmosphere of Kirkgate Market and indulge in some of the best hot dogs and burgers in town.

4. Rudy’s Pizza

Rudy's Leeds

If you’re looking for delicious and authentic Neapolitan pizza, Rudy’s Pizza is the perfect place to go. Located on the bustling New Station Street in Leeds, Rudy’s is a relaxed and welcoming neighbourhood pizzeria that follows the traditions and artistry of pizza from Naples – the birthplace of pizza. Every day, the pizzaioli at Rudy’s serve up a fresh and delicious Neapolitan pizza to the people of Leeds. You can book a table for pizza using the widget on their website, but they always save some tables for walk-ins, so don’t worry if there’s no availability for your requested time. Simply pop down to the pizzeria and they’ll get you seated as soon as possible. A credit card is required to secure your booking, but it will not be charged. Come and experience the authentic taste of Naples in the heart of Leeds at Rudy’s Pizza.

5. Döner Shack

Döner Shack Leeds

If you’re a fan of Berlin’s favourite street food – the kebab, you must visit Döner Shack. Located in the Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre, Döner Shack is on a mission to change the perception of the UK kebab by serving quality meats and bread that are ethically sourced. They don’t compromise when it comes to kebabs – they are the real deal! But that’s not all – Döner Shack serves an abundance of street food goods, including tellers, currywurst, chicken schnitzel bites, ice cream milkshakes, and much more. The meat and bread are guaranteed to be delectably fresh and full of flavour. Döner Shack also has amazing vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan options available. Come and experience the taste of authentic kebabs at Döner Shack in the Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre.

Our Parting Words

We hope this blog post has helped you discover some of the most relaxed and welcoming restaurants in Leeds. From the buzzing Bangkok market atmosphere of Zaap Thai to the authentic taste of Naples at Rudy’s Pizza, there’s something for everyone in Leeds. Whether you’re a fan of Indian street food or Berlin’s favourite street food – the kebab, you’ll find a relaxed atmosphere and delicious food at these restaurants. So, next time you’re in Leeds and looking for a great meal in a relaxed setting, give one of these restaurants a try – you won’t be disappointed!