It’s a hard job but someone has to do it. Claire Smith tries out gourmet hand-fried crisps from Yorkshire and brings you her verdict.

We’re a household of crisp lovers so it was going to take something really special to impress us. I have to fight to even get a look in when trying to reach into most bowls of crisps anyway, but I quickly realised Yorkshire Crisps were going to give me a bigger than usual problem.

‘Posh’ crisps are on the rise on our shelves, with impressive price tags to match their all-style-no-substance packaging and oh-so-moorish flavours. So what’s different about Yorkshire Crisps’ efforts?

Well, simply, EVERYTHING! Its packets are full, the flavours are complex yet subtle so don’t get sickly, they’re crunchy and taste super-fresh and, the most important factor for me, they’re not greasy in the slightest.

We are told this brand of potato snacks are made from locally-grown potatoes and parsnips which are sliced into hot sunflower oil and hand-fried for a few minutes before being drizzled with natural flavours while they are still warm. Devine.

There are 12 flavours to choose from and I tried four of them:

Nowt On: This fabulously-named ‘plain’ flavour is as it should be. The enhanced taste of potato with nothing overbearing such as salt. It’s simple and light and yummy.

Henderson’s Yorkshire Sauce: This award-winning local sauce is brought to life in these crisps with a deep, but again, not too overbearing flavour. A better version of Worcester sauce flavour.

Roast Lamb & Mint: This is a meaty and mouthwatering flavour with just the right dose of both mint and lamb. Even better than beefy crisps and not too strong.

Sweet Cured Ham & Pickle: The latest flavour in the firm’s collection, this is a smoky and unique offering that is slightly stronger than the rest, and also completely scrumptious.

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