2023, is a year for a well-earned holiday abroad and there are lots of fantastic places to choose from

Planning a special vacation for this year? With travel being so restricted over the last few years, many will be seeing 2023 as a year for a well-earned holiday abroad and there are lots of fantastic places to choose from. If you are struggling with ideas, this article will offer a few suggestions that will hopefully help you to find the ideal holiday destination for this year.

Seville, Spain

Spain is one of the best holiday destinations in Europe and not just because of the sun, sea and sand (although this certainly plays a key part!). You can also enjoy great skiing in Spain, which allows you to enjoy a thrilling activity while still being able to soak up the sun and chill on the beach. Seville in Andalusia is one of the best destinations in Spain with breathtaking architecture, flamenco dancing and hundreds of tapas bars to check out.


If you want to escape from the UK and visit somewhere with outstanding natural beauty and great weather then Bali is a fantastic choice. Known as “The Land of the Gods”, Bali boasts spectacular beaches, imposing volcanoes, ancient temples, colourful jungles and lively cities. This means that it has something for everyone whether you want to flop on the beach, hike in volcanic landscapes or party till the early hours (or all of the above!).


Cruise Ship in Sea

If you want the excitement of a backpacking adventure but the luxury of an all-inclusive then a cruise could be the perfect option. A cruise gives you the best of both worlds and the ability to travel to several destinations in one trip, which means that you can tick off several places at once. Modern-day cruise ships also feature all kinds of incredible facilities and can give you an amazing experience out at sea. There are lots of different cruises to choose from with many cruises from Southampton, which can be easy to reach from anywhere in the UK.


If you have an interest in ancient history then Egypt should be at the top of your shortlist. Seeing the pyramids and exploring tombs will provide a real thrill, but there is also much more to Egypt than this. The capital city of Cairo has a lot to offer every visitor and there are also many beautiful beaches around Sharm el-Sheikh where you can chill out or enjoy water sports.

Sri Lanka

Beach scene

Sri Lanka is another incredible destination that everyone should visit at some point. In addition to the stunning natural beauty, beaches and ancient wonders, Sri Lanka also has some of the finest food in the world and is somewhere that anyone that likes spicy food will love!

If you are planning a special vacation this year then these are a few places that you should look into. Get planning early and you will be able to enjoy an unforgettable holiday!