5 kick ass places to eat in North Yorkshire that hopefully, just hopefully, will provide the perfect assortment of restaurants to suit everyones preference

Do you know how many people ask me on a daily basis what my foodie recommendations are? and do you also know that it’s almost an impossible question to answer? without asking another 15 questions back to ensure you’re both on the right page, what’s your budget, what type of food, ambiance etc etc, how am I ever going to please?

So instead I’ve complied 5 kick ass places to eat in North Yorkshire that hopefully, just hopefully, will provide the perfect assortment of restaurants to suit everyones preference, but hould I fail can I please point you in the direction of this nifty little link >> Bookatable not only allows you to find the perfect place based on your specific criteria but can book the table for you.

So here goes, 5 kick ass North Yorkshire eateries.

The Star Inn The Harbour – Whitby

Couple of things to think about here, one it’s in Whitby, without doubt the greatest seaside location in Yorkshire thanks mainly to the spectacular drive across the North York Moors to get here, two this place is owned by the Michelin Stared Chef Andrew Pern, a true Yorkshire man with a passion for food nearly as great as mine who just happens to be from Whitby, and if that’s not reason enough, three they also serve a catch of the day, uninspiring normally until you realise that the catch travelled only around 50 meters to get from the harbour to your plate!

The Refectory Kitchen & Terrace – York

The shear beauty in architecture in York means you need to find a restaurant that immerses itself in similar beauty a location that is grand in it’s quality and service and probably more importantly totally instagramable, look no further than the Refectory Kitchen & Terrace located within the Principal York Hotel, just a stones throw from York Train Station, The food here screams Yorkshire with many of the dishes having a clear local feel to their provenance.

The Cow & Calf – Ilkley

Iconic, that’s how you describe The Cow & Calf, sitting proud upon Ilkley Moor adjacent to the Cow & Calf rock formation, this traditional style Yorkshire Pub provides the perfect setting for a stunning Sunday lunch, for me this is best served having just walked the splendour of the Ilkley Moors (baht at of course) in which the views across the valley are a moment to treasure, there’s a reason it’s called God’s Own County you know!

The Blue Bell Inn – Arkendale

Located 7 miles to the north-east of Harrogate, The Blue Bell Inn is close enough to the busy A1 to make it easy to get to but far enough away to suggest that you could be miles from anywhere. Situated in a typical small Yorkshire village with an array of narrow bendy lanes it’s the perfect example of Yorkshire hospitality meets Traditional English Pub. We love The Blue Bell Inn

Betty’s – Harrogate

I’m sorry I know it’s totally predictable but who cares, can you really say you have eaten in the finest Yorkshire establishments if you’ve never visited Betty’s? It’s a Yorkshire emporium boasting the very best cakes, including the iconic Fat Rascal, the very best tea (it’s the same company as Yorkshire Tea you know) and spectacular service and ambiance, a visit to Harrogate is just not the same without a trip to Betty’s.

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