turning your attention to your next break

If you have recently returned from a fun-filled getaway with your family or friends, you are likely experiencing the post-holiday blues. As a result, you might be turning your attention to your next break away, which will give you something to look forward to throughout the year.

If you are dreaming of escaping the dull and rainy British weather and want to ensure your next trip is better than the last, find out how to start planning for next year’s holiday.

Find the Right Spot for Everyone’s Needs

It is essential to carefully consider everyone’s wants and needs when planning your next getaway with your nearest and dearest. For example, are you looking for a city break to explore landmarks and attractions, or would you rather spend your days swimming in a pool and strolling across a beach?

Talk to your family or friends about the type of trip they would like to enjoy next year and find a spot that complements all your needs. By choosing a location that offers something for everyone, it will ensure each of your loved ones return home with fantastic memories.

Decide How Long You Want to Go

Do you wish you booked a week longer for your trip abroad this year? Or maybe you would prefer a 10-day holiday over a two-week break? By deciding how long your getaway will be, you will be able to accurately plan your flights, accommodation, wardrobe, restaurant reservations and activities at your destination.

It is, however, important to take your loved ones’ needs into consideration. While you might be more than happy to embark on a two-week long holiday, they might long to jump on a flight after seven days – and their low mood could make you wish you returned home much earlier.

Book the Right Accommodation

While you might have recently returned from a fun holiday with the clan or your best friends, there may have been some downsides to your break. For example, nothing can be more frustrating than competing for sunbeds at a busy hotel or being confined to a small room with your loved ones.

To ensure you have a more comfortable experience, you should book a stay in a private villa, which could provide you with a pool, many sun loungers, plenty of living space and multiple bedrooms. If this sounds like utter heaven, find out more about 2020 villa holidays to ensure you have a memorable time with your family and/or friends.

Research and Reserve the Best Restaurants in Advance

As you will have much time available before you step one foot inside an airport, you should use it wisely to research the best restaurants at your destination. For example, you could read through different travel guides, articles and online reviews to identify the finest establishments, food stalls and markets, which will allow you to enter culinary heaven from start to finish of your stay.

It will also add a touch of excitement to your getaway, as it will help the months quickly pass you by. You also should book tables in advance to prevent disappointment once you arrive.

Book Your Flights as Soon as Possible

To ensure you can travel to your desired destination on your chosen dates and you will not be forced to sit away from your family and/or friends during travel, you should book your flights as soon as possible. Once you have your heart set on a destination, book a flight to secure your seats and you will feel a buzz of excitement knowing your next holiday is a matter of months away. It’s also worth considering that if like me you prefer a more luxurious experience when you fly, that you may want to research travelling in a private jet. If it’s you and the family travelling you may be surprised at how cost-effective it can be and Jettly is the perfect place to compare the price.

Plan the Ultimate Travel Itinerary

As you will have many months to plan your holiday at home or abroad with your family or friends, you should utilise this time to create the ultimate travel itinerary. Spend your spare time researching various activities, attractions and trip excursions you will each love, so you can create a fun schedule that will ensure you don’t regret one moment of your experience.

For example, you should find out more about:

  • Local food tours
  • Free museums
  • Historic landmarks
  • Nearby amusement parks
  • The best zoos
  • The finest water sports locations
  • Hiking and cycling trails
  • Day trips to nearby cities or towns

Your forward-planning could ensure the whole gang is never bored once they arrive at a destination.

Identify Your Holiday Style

Every holidaymaker will want to look and feel their best when on a getaway abroad or at home. To ensure you are oozing style and sophistication when strolling along a beach, dining in a restaurant or stepping inside an eclectic bar, you should identify your holiday style.

For example, browse the likes of Pinterest and Instagram to find fashion inspiration for your taste and personality, and you could pin the sought-after looks onto a fashion board or can add them to your saved file.

You can then spend your days finding the best clothing options to recreate your desired style, which will ensure you exude confidence once you step onto the plane.

Find the Best Travel Insurance

It is also a smart decision to use the time you have available to find the best travel insurance options for your needs. The right policy can provide financial protection should you:

  • Require medical attention
  • Experience a flight delay
  • Break an expensive gadget, such as a camera or laptop
  • Experience a family loss
  • Need to return home for a personal emergency

Set time aside to thoroughly research the different travel insurance options available before committing to a policy.


If you are struggling with the post-holiday blues, you can give yourself a reason to smile by planning for next year’s holiday, which can help those boring working hours quickly pass you by.

So, do your homework to find the best destination for your needs, discuss your travel options and times with your loved ones, research the best activities and restaurants at your location, and spend your time refining your holiday style and selecting the best travel insurance. It will ensure you have a holiday you will remember long after 2020 is over.