a forest of Chinese eateries with so many which one do you choose?

It is true that I spend a lot of time on London, in fact it’s fast becoming my second home, and whilst my knowledge of the Yorkshire Cuisine Scene is just a tad more than the average guy on the street, my knowledge of London eateries is less so, albeit I still know it relatively well.

But one thing that has (up until now) escaped me is a decent Chinese Restaurant, whilst Soho is a forest of Chinese eateries with so many which one do you choose?

Fresh from an afternoon sat in Green Park in the rare epic sunshine of the capital sipping Rhubarb & Ginger G&T’s I made the quick journey to Queensway Station where the Royal China is located almost adjacent to.

On one of the hottest days of the year the welcome cold blast from the air conditioning was a welcome feel, also was the sight of a packed restaurant filled with people who looked like they knew a thing or two about authentic Chinese food, always a very good sign.

The decor of the restaurant is, i’m reliably informed, authentic in comparison to the great restaurants you’ll find in China, almost formal in its style, white table cloths, waiters dressed in black, bright white lighting and a lobster tank, you get the idea.

Whilst the toilets leave a lot to be desired, not normally something I’d comment on but all of my companions did mention it, the service is impeccable, with a menu this vast in choice we elect to seek advice from the waitress who delivers a blow by blow account of what we should be eating, we take her word for it.

As so the dishes start flowing, Peking Duck with Hoisin and Wraps, Crispy Baby Squid, Soft Shell Crab, Honey Roasted Pork, Sweet & Sour King Prawns.

Again where the restaurant disappoints in presentation they delight in flavour so much so that we all agree this is one of the finest Chinese Meals I’ve ever encountered.

The rice is fluffy and tasty the noodles are seasoned well and accompany the dishes perfectly but what impresses me the most is the pork, it’s juicy, tender, finger licking good.

Royal China have a number of restaurants located around the city including the Royal China Club, regarded as the best in London. If you are in need of a Chinese fix and find yourself in the Capital then my strong recommendation is Royal China, authentic awesome Chinese food!!

Royal China Queensway | 13 Queensway | Bayswater | London | W2 4QJ