From Goat’s Cheese Profiterole to Hake in Crab Bisque: A Culinary Journey at Brook’s

In the heart of Brighouse town centre lies Brook’s, a small, independent bar and restaurant that prides itself on its warm, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere. With a commitment to a modern, seasonal menu designed for sharing, Brook’s offers a culinary journey that celebrates flavours, textures, and the joy of communal dining. It was with eager anticipation that I embarked on this gastronomic adventure, ready to savour the delectable creations and experience the essence of community dining.

Ambience and Atmosphere

As I stepped into Brook’s, the cosy interior enveloped me in a warm and inviting ambience. The tasteful decor and comfortable seating created a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Soft lighting and the hum of cheerful conversations added to the overall charm of the restaurant. It was evident that Brook’s had succeeded in cultivating a space where guests could unwind, connect, and relish the pleasures of good food and good company.


The staff at Brook’s mirrored the establishment’s warm and friendly atmosphere. From the moment I walked in, their genuine hospitality shone through. The waitstaff greeted me with smiles and promptly guided me to my table. Throughout the evening, their attentive service ensured that my dining experience was seamless and enjoyable. They demonstrated a deep knowledge of the menu, providing insightful suggestions on sharing options and accommodating any special requests. The genuine warmth and care displayed by the staff further enhanced the overall experience.

The Culinary Adventure

Brook’s commitment to a modern, seasonal menu designed for sharing was evident in the carefully curated dishes that graced the table. Each dish we savoured showcased the chef’s artistry, utilizing fresh, locally sourced ingredients to transform them into culinary masterpieces.

Getting Started

To commence our culinary journey at Brook’s, we embarked on a flavorful adventure with the Goat’s Cheese Profiterole accompanied by a drizzle of truffle honey. The delicate profiterole enveloped the creamy goat’s cheese, offering a perfect balance of savoury and sweet notes. The truffle honey elevated the dish, infusing it with a subtle earthiness that lingered on the palate.


Indulging in the Chicken and Pork Rillettes, served with an array of pickles and accompanied by crusty sourdough. The rillettes, a marriage of tender chicken and succulent pork, were a true delight. The pickles provided a tangy counterpoint, while the sourdough added a satisfying crunch. Each bite was a symphony of flavours, perfectly harmonising the richness of the rillettes with the brightness of the accompaniments.

Chicken Dish


As our culinary journey at Brook’s continued, we were presented with an array of enticing main courses. The Baked Celeriac with fried mushrooms and a luscious truffle cream was a vegetarian delight. The celeriac, roasted to perfection, revealed a tender and slightly sweet interior. The accompanying mushrooms added a delightful earthiness, while the truffle cream enhanced the dish with its luxurious and aromatic qualities.

The Twice Baked Cheddar and Wigmore Cheese Soufflé served with fig jam was a masterpiece of culinary expertise. The airy, yet rich, soufflé boasted a harmonious blend of cheeses, resulting in a velvety texture and a robust flavour. The fig jam provided a delightful sweetness that paired perfectly with the savoury notes of the soufflé.

Next on our gastronomic adventure were the Globe Artichoke Bhajis, accompanied by a vibrant lime and coriander salsa and garlic yoghurt. The bhajis, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, were a creative twist on the traditional Indian snack. The lime and coriander salsa added a refreshing zing, while the garlic yoghurt provided a creamy and cooling element. The combination of flavours and textures was a delightful surprise.

Bhaji Dish at Brook's

The culinary journey reached new heights with the Slow Roast Shoulder of Ex-Dairy Goat served with lemon butterbeans and ricotta. The goat, tender and succulent, showcased the chef’s expertise in slow cooking. The lemon butterbeans added a citrusy brightness to the dish, while the ricotta provided a creamy and indulgent element. It was a truly remarkable dish, highlighting Brook’s commitment to utilising unique and flavourful ingredients.

Fish Course

The Hake, accompanied by a luscious crab bisque, heritage tomatoes, and a tarragon and shallot vinaigrette, was a seafood lover’s dream. The perfectly cooked hake, flaky and delicate, was complemented by the richness of the crab bisque. The vibrant heritage tomatoes added a burst of freshness, while the tarragon and shallot vinaigrette provided a herbaceous and tangy note. It was a symphony of flavours that celebrated the bounty of the sea.

Side Dish

Amazing potato dish at a restaurant in West Yorkshire

To accompany the main courses, we relished the Crispy Potato Terrine served with a marmite mayonnaise. The terrine was a feat of culinary craftsmanship, with layers of thinly sliced potatoes perfectly cooked and crisped. The marmite mayonnaise added a savoury and umami depth, creating a delightful contrast of flavours.

Exquisite Flavours and Unforgettable Moments

Our shared culinary adventure at Brook’s was an extraordinary experience. The exquisite Goat’s Cheese Profiterole, the aromatic Chicken and Pork Rillettes, the sublime Baked Celeriac, the delicate Twice Baked Cheddar and Wigmore Cheese Soufflé, the innovative Globe Artichoke Bhajis, the succulent Slow Roast Shoulder of Ex-Dairy Goat, the delightful Hake, and the crispy Potato Terrine all combined to create an unforgettable dining experience. Brook’s truly excels in crafting dishes that celebrate the essence of sharing, while showcasing the creativity and expertise of their culinary team. If you seek a gastronomic adventure that transcends boundaries, Brook’s is an absolute must-visit.

6 Bradford Road | Brighouse | HD6 1RW
Telephone: 01484 715284