Are you an investor who is looking forward to starting a cafe business? Well, there is a new solution for you that is trending now. Temporary and modular buildings are now popular all over due to the many benefits they have. In addition to being easy to buy or hire and install, they are also cost-effective, making them very convenient for startups and big cafes that want to expand their operations.

According to temporary structure providers, any investor can discuss their needs with the experts for customized solutions when they want to buy these structures. For those who want to hire a mobile bar, food cafes, or set up tents to cater to increasing demand at their outlets, there is a lot that they need to know about the available options.

Common Cafe Temporary Structures

Temporary coffee shops – Temporary coffee shops and eatery joints are easy to set up if you get the solution from experienced professionals such as Smart-Space, who are the leading temporary solution provider in the UK. If you are using leased land or have a tight budget for your structures, this is the best direction to take.

Mobile bars – These bars follow events wherever they go. Apart from drinks, they also serve snacks to guests at events such as shows, sports, concerts, and the like. They can be made of modular panels that are easy to set up and disassemble or tents.

How to Set Up a Temporary Cafe

Whether you are leasing the temporary structures or buying it when setting up or expanding your cafe, one of the benefits is the ease of setup. The first step is choosing the location and getting the permits to set up the structure. Then, talk with experts such as Smart-Space to learn about your options and discuss the appropriate structure size, design, colors, and other considerations. After conducting the cost-benefit analysis, it is up to you to choose between hiring and buying temporary structures.

According to experts, the process of getting new cafe structures takes a few days to weeks depending on the magnitude of work, especially ground preparation. For instance, setting up a modular cafe takes a shorter time than preparing custom-made temporary cafes.

Benefits of Using Temporary Structures for Cafes

Both modular and temporary cafes have numerous benefits to investors. This creates more reasons for investors to consider this option

  • Short setup time – Every investor is rushing to start earning from their investment. Hence, when it takes a short time to set up a cafe, restaurant, or bar, they start earning their money back faster. Those who are expanding their existing cafes will quickly get back to business.
  • Saves money – Temporary and modular structures are more affordable compared to permanent structures. They work well with a tight budget, making them the best for beginners. Actually, there is more value for the money since they are equally durable.
  • Highly flexible – Some cafes and bars must be mobile. Also, those who are using leased land might need to move their structures after some time. With temporary structures, this is very possible. They are easy to set up and take apart when necessary. Additionally, tents used as extensions for cafes can be used for other purposes.
  • Durable – Depending on the materials used, temporary structures for cafes are durable. They require little maintenance. For instance, the canvas used in tents and PVC or reinforced boards used in modular structures are very durable.


Investors in cafes and bars now have a clue on what temporary and modular structures are, how to get one, and the accompanying benefits. It is a worthy investment that you should try today.