A touch of the breast, a gentle rub against the tender thigh made this encounter a guilty secret that I returned to time after time


I met this Absurd Bird around 6 months ago, during our brief encounter in the Spitalfields streets famed for their arty cultural scene, there was an abundance of moments in which my mind was propelled to the deep American South. The touch of a breast, a gentle rub against the tender thigh made this encounter a guilty secret that I returned to time after time, it became an habit that sometimes left a deep sense of withdrawal whenever my working need to be in London diminished.

It wasn’t through direct encounters that I learned the news I had always hoped for. The news that our paths would become much closer, in fact it became apparent via social media that I wasn’t the only northern soul to have experienced these brief encounters, word was out that the Absurd Bird was heading north.

Many months passed and the anticipation grew, then finally there they were, in a corner of Trinity Kitchen in Leeds, The Absurd Bird was finally in the North, Leeds to be exact!

Wings at Absurd BirdIt’s a clever move for the folks behind what I describe as “KFC on Steroids” Absurd Bird is a brand that takes Southern Fried Chicken to a whole new level.

Artisan Pizza companies & Gourmet Burgers establishments are a common sight within the north and whilst Southern Fried Chicken shops are found on most street corners to my mind there are none that do what Absurd Bird, make chicken absolutely irresistible!

Let’s start with the Wingshack, Double fried buttermilk wings, to give extra crispness, smothered in my choice – buffalo sauce, available in three six or eight wings, the Wingshack kicks this bird feast off in great style, juicy, tender, chicken in a sauce that leaves a tingle on the lips, delightful.

Burger at Absurd BirdNext the Bird Burger, Crispy Fried Chicken smothered in BBQ Sauce topped with salad leaf, tomato, homeslaw, and mayo. Think you’ve had a chicken burger? think again!

This is messy, really messy but absolutely satisfying, you’ll know what I mean when I say that somehow this feels even more satisfying alongside the hangover I’m carrying from the night before.

Tenders at Absurd BirdUp next, the star of the show! Fried Chicken Tenders!!! Loaded with sour cream, guacamole & jalapeños! The absolute indulgence of the Tenders is a joy thanks in large to the the quality of not only the chicken but the incredibly phenomenal guacamole, when a food joint puts this level of detail in to a guacamole you know your on to a winner!

Waffles at Absurd BirdThe hangover is dwindling with ever mouthful and so whilst we’re here it would only seem right to check out the waffles too, MyFitnessPal can wait for one more day!

Absurd Waffles – Fried Chicken, Maple Syrup! Ohh yeah, like ohh yeah!

The sweetness against the sensationally crispy chicken with waffles that have been made with ‘Soul’ is a joy! The waffle is incredibly soft on the inside but crispy on the out, once again the chicken is crispy but tender given it’s bath in buttermilk that softens the meat beautifully, then the syrup just gives this plate a lip smacking sweetness that compliments the waffle and chicken beautifully,

Ale at Absurd BirdIf you needed any further evidence that you too need an encounter with and Absurd Bird then it’s their array of Yorkshire Craft Ales! They’ve thought of everything! Craft Ales that represent every corner of our fabulous county, sipped cold with the most amazing chicken, it’s a Leeds delight you simply can not miss!!

Absurd Bird | Unit TK5 | Trinity Leeds / Trinity Kitchen | 27 Albion St | Leeds | LS1 5ER