Bonkers Bingo! A concept that Mecca Bingo have been showcasing around the UK, now comes to P&O Ferry Crossings.

Can you go to one place too many times? As I wonder the streets of Amsterdam it’s a question that I’m asking myself, there’s nothing for me here anymore, I’ve done this city several times and I can’t imagine coming back.

I suppose its a personal thing, I live my life wanting to be wowed constantly, it’s a double edged sword, if I do become wowed then you’ll hear me talk of it being the best experience ever and if I haven’t then unfortunately I’ll dismiss it completely, there’s no in-between.

What did wow me however during this trip, is the purpose of the trip, Bonkers Bingo! A concept that Mecca Bingo have been showcasing around their UK network of Bingo Halls, now comes to P&O Ferry Crossings.

Mecca Bingo's Bonkers BingoGenius, what a great idea, with 12 hours to kill (average ferry crossing time from Hull to Rotterdam) and a bunch of mainly young adults travelling to Amsterdam for nothing but pleasure (read that how you will) Bingo seems the perfect fit, especially given this is Bingo with an adult theme, lots of choice words, no holds barred, direct talking, adult bingo, bizarrely without the gambling.

Multiple rounds of Bingo in which the prizes are just as bonkers as the host for the evening, books on how to satisfy your cat and inflatable emoji’s are just some of the examples.

There’s no doubt that the atmosphere that this creates is epic, think Sky Sports audience at the darts final, it’s truly electric, you can’t help but get involved in the fun, a truly exhilarating evening.

The next morning a coach journey gives you an opportunity to explore the sights of Amsterdam, albeit in just 6 hours, just enough time to eat, explore and pick up a few treasures that incapsulate your swift visit.

The journey back to Hull from Rotterdam delivers a slightly different mood abound the ship, a combination of lack of sleep and over indulgence whilst in the iconic dutch city leads me to believe that the on-board security team have a more eventful night on the return journey.

Mecca Bingo's Bonkers BingoSleep aboard the ship however is amazing! I’m convinced that the gentle rocking of the boat led me to sleep like a bear (a big grizzly one) the crossing is seamless as is the embarkation and disembarkation of the ship (love those 2 words) less can be said for the food however!

You’ll remember me talking last year about the outstanding level of detail that Virgin Trains together with James Martin are putting into their on-board food, let’s just say P&O need to take a leaf out of their book, it’s truly awful! Even the Brasserie where quality is assured (so they say) is incredibly disappointing.

Would I do this trip again, it’s a difficult answer so here’s my summery:

Amsterdam – No, been there, done that, wore the t-shirt, no need to return.
Ferry Crossing from Hull with P&O – Yes, albeit I think the Christmas markets at Bruge could be a better option, I’ll also be taking my own food!
Mecca Bingo Bonkers Bingo – For one night yes absolutely, it wears a bit thin on the second night.