“Ladies and gents I present to you…”

I think we all agree that trying to keep lunches varied is a daunting task.

During weekly meal planning, evening meals seem to pose fewer problems – out come hordes of cookbooks, including of course the one in which I am featured, ‘Food Glorious Food’.   I flick through the pictures and recipes, inspired by the ingredients and flavour combinations.

But then, when it comes to lunch planning, my mind goes blank.  Wafer thin ham served on stogy bread again? No thanks!

Recently, my wife and I were challenged and inspired by Mission Deli wraps to liven up our lunches.  Let me tell you, the wraps ran off our lunchtime blues!

For our lunch overhaul, we teamed up our Mission wraps with Sacla Squeezy Pesto and Galbani Mozzarella, which along with our fillings of choice, provide the perfect ingredient partners to get our lunchtime taste buds tingling.

Like most of you I am sure, my wife and I are keen to avoid wasting food.  So a quick raid of our fridge after a weekend of indulgences provided the perfect fillings for tasty lunches during the work week.

IMG_3446First up, our Italian club – a simple mix of sliced chicken breast with rocket, crispy diced bacon pieces, pesto and mozzarella.  I opted for a cold wrap, which proved delightful.  My wife placed hers in the Panini press at work for four minutes and said the wrap was outstanding – the toasted outside and melted cheese inside were perfect with the chicken and bacon.

Day two was my favourite, so much so that I’ve named the wrap in the hopes that the name gives my lovely creation an identity for future use!  Ladies and gents, I present to you the Genoese Steak Wrap, a delicious Mission Deli wrap filled with rare steak and topped with rocket, Parmesan and pesto. There is no need to heat this wrap.  In fact, I discourage it.  Instead, rest the steak in foil to retain the heat, carve the meat, and rely on the heat of the steak to wilt the rocket and warm the Parmesan.  Then dig in!

IMG_3468Inspired by the Italian Club and Genoese Steak Wrap? Great news, because for a limited time you can get 50p off Galbani mozzarella or 30p off Sacla’s Squeezy Pesto with promotional packs of Mission Deli wraps.  So whether you’re in the mood to top your wrap with mozzarella, or pack it with pesto, you can get a great deal on these two tasty products to help you shake up those boring lunchtime habits.

As well as helping you save money while you liven up your lunches, Mission are also running a fantastic free prize draw.  A lucky winner is packed off for an unforgettable holiday to sample the flavours and delights of the Mediterranean. The prize is for four, so get thinking about who you’d like to share the shade with under your favorite olive tree.

To enter, go to www.missioninyourkitchen.com and simply complete the competition form. In addition to the main prize, 10 weekly runners-up will win a special Mission Deli Wrap lunch bag – giving you more ways to make each lunchtime a delicious and deserved mini-holiday. To see the terms and conditions and for full details of the prize go to www.missioninyourkitchen.com.

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