Fat, it’s all about the fat

I have a new found obsession with burgers, whilst I know this is bang on trend at the moment I think the desire to eat the perfect burger comes more from the fact that 2 years ago I made the decision to stay away from the global chains, and stick to eating only the very best artisan burgers.

I’ll get to my favorite joints in just a moment; firstly let me explain what makes a great burger for me, and indeed what my recipe is. Fat it’s all about the fat, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again fat creates flavor and in the burgers case it also ensures the meat remains juicy.

Whilst your butcher may be the best butcher to bless the land, is he the best chef too? My bet is he’s probably using a recipe handed down to him, or he’s had a bash himself and declared them perfect, so my first tip is make your own, buy a quantity and create your own perfect combination of fat to meat ratio.

I’ve tested a few combinations but without doubt my favorite has to be 60% brisket to 40% blade, it seems to create the perfect ratio of fatty meat to lean meat and delivers the perfect amount of fat needed when grilled on the BBQ releasing any excesses that in turn splash the charcoal and allow for a perfect flame grill.

On course if you’re going start playing with the perfect meat combination you’re going to need a meat grinder too and ooh do I have a great recommendation for you, direct from Monster Shop  the KuKoo electric meat grinder is the perfect tool for the job, capable of a range of meat grinding options as well as the ability to bash out a banger or two it’s serving me perfectly.

So what to serve with this burger sensation, here’s your shopping list:

  • The Perfect Brioche Burger Bun, in my opinion Sainsbury’s seem to do the best bun at the moment, unless you fancy making your own?
  • A good quality strong cheddar, ideally in slices, I add 2 slices per burger
  • Iceberg lettuce, the pre-shredded version at Morisions is pretty handy
  • 2 rashes of streaky smoked bacon or even better sliced smoked pancetta
  • A slice of beef tomato
  • A good quality mayonnaise
  • Burger sauce, lots of them around but the most convenient is available in Morrisons and it bears a real resemblance to the famous stuff you get on a mac at the golden arches

My top tips

  1. Brush the insides of the burger bun with olive oil and toast on the BBQ, be careful not to color them too much
  2. If you want to take them to an even greater level use the fat from the cooked bacon on the brioche bun and then grill, now we’re talking
  3. Use a mental bowl or similar to cover the burger once you’ve added the chesse, it create a mini oven that will melt your cheese to perfection.
  4. Brush the burger with a little oil and then season with lots of salt & pepper, this creates almost a crust on the burger when cooked and add’s to the flavor of your perfect patty.
  5. Soak a little kitchen paper in olive oil and use it on the bbq griddle before adding the burger; it will stop it from sticking.
  6. Use your burger flipping devise upside down, it levers the burger off the griddle far easier
  7. Once you’ve stacked your burger place use a steak knife through the middle (vertically) to keep it all together, looks pretty awesome when you serve it too!

My favourite burger joints:

Four on my list at the moment, I’m sure there are plenty more but in my opinion these are the 4 that take things to a whole new level by focusing purely on the perfect patty.!

Pax Burger – Lindley, West Yorkshire

Pax Burger Lindley

Picture credit: paxburger.co.uk

Owner Eric Paxmand’s back catalogue includes time in London under Marco Pierre White’s ‘L’escargot, before working in Sydney, Australia under Bill Grainger.

On returning to the UK, Eric opened his first restaurant ‘Eric’s, which has gained a renowned reputation and become multi award-winning.

His second restaurant; PAX burger is a high quality casual dining, with a simply delicious menu of seriously good burgers and great sides. All made with 100% fresh ingredients & locally sourced where possible.

Choices include beef, chicken and lamb plus vegetarian and gluten-free options; amazing flavors are brought together with some great twists ohh and there’s a list of American-style cocktails, guest beers and freshly made milkshakes too.

SoLita – Northern Quarter Manchester

Solita Burger Manchester

Picture credit: solita.co.uk

SoLita get’s a place in my list despite them being on the wrong side of the pennies simply because they were my first experience of an amazing burger, a vist there was a recommendation from a chef friend who really knows his burgers, it was this recommendation that led to the obsession.

My recommendation is without doubt the Big Manc, 2 x 7 ounce minced chuck steak patties, iceberg, home pickles, Monterey Jack cheese and Big Manc sauce, or if you’re really up for a challenge the ‘Once in a Lifetime’ burger is pretty special too, 2 x 7 ounce minced steak patties, pulled pork, crispy bacon, shoestring onions, buttermilk chicken strips, Monterey Jack cheese, house BBQ sauce, boooom!

Almost Famous – Leeds

Almost Famous Leeds

Picture credit: almostfamousburgers.com

In a previous blog post I recall declaring the chicken wings here as the best I’d ever had, whilst that may now be contested by Pax Burger I still rate them as a pretty awesome burger joint and we’re back on home soil, Yorkshire! You can read my review of Almost Famous here >>> Almost Famous Leeds

Burger Craft @ Exmouth Arms, Euston, Londona burger obsession burger craft

Their craft is burgers: The finest ingredients, wonderful flavours, slow cooked meats, hand cut chips and homemade sauces brought together to create unforgettable burgers. Smashed, grilled and steamed to perfection by their team of chefs to create the tastiest, juiciest burgers around. That’s Burger Craft! Burger Craft are located within PubLove pub’s all over London.

Share our love affair with burgers? Let’s us know your favourite Burger Joints!