Want to find the best Fat Rascal?

What’s your knowledge of delicacies from around the UK? I failed miserably recently, at quiz I found on-line, that asked that exact question, although I did get the Yorkshire delicacy spot on – I’d have been deeply disappointed had that not of been the case. You can complete the quiz here.

What my misery did uncover however was a moment to think about some of the amazing delicacies we have in Yorkshire, and there was one in particular I wanted to uncover further, and for once I’m not talking Yorkshire Puddings.

The fat rascal, heard of them? If you’re not from Yorkshire or if you’ve never visited our amazing county then there is every chance you have no idea what I’m talking about, and that’s because they are largely unavailable to buy due to them being trademarked by the Famous Betty’s tea room’s in Harrogate, however if you fancy having a go at making these famous sweet treats that are best compared to scones or rock cakes then here’s my take on the best recipes available for making the best fat rascals.

  1. James Martin – You’d expect James to be in the list, he rightly never shuts up about Yorkshire so what would a Fat Rascal be without a recipe from him; Lard, Lemon & Orange Zest, as well as double cream make his recipe one you don’t want to run through a calorie calculator, especially given he recommends serving them with clotted cream.

    James Martin Fat Rascal

    Picture credit: BBC.co.uk

  2. Jamie Oliver – He may be as far removed from Yorkshire as can possibly be, but he’s had a stab at the Rascal too, Jamie leaves out the lard that James adds and instead replaces it with butter and for some reason adds a cross on the top like a hot cross bun, we have no idea why.

    Jamie Oliver Fat Rascal

    Picture credit: JamieOliver.com

  3. Grandma Abson – In true style Grandma Abson style she sticks with a more traditional Fat Rascal, 1 type of zest and traditional cinnamon and nutmeg are the basis to the recipe, this is a true fat rascal.

    Grandma Abson Fat Rascal

    Picture credit: grandmaabson.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Waitrose (Liz Franklin) for Liz it’s all about the finish, Liz mixes egg yolk, water and salt together to glaze the rascals before they enter the oven and then decorates with cherries and almonds.

    Fat Rascals at Bettys

    Picture credit: bettys.co.uk

  5. The French Tart – Suggests that sour cream or crème fraiche can be used in the mixture as an alternative to double cream, she also takes the traditional route of placing blanched almonds on top of the mixture before baking.

    French Tart Fat Rascal

    Picture credit: Food.com

Do you have the perfect Fat Rascal recipe? We’d love for you to send us yours, we’ll share the best.