Transform preloved furniture and household accessories to create beautifully bespoke pieces

Repurposing furniture has been a major trend in recent years and this is for a few good reasons. Repurposing allows you to make big savings, you can reduce your environmental impact and enjoy a rewarding creative project. It can be hard to come up with your own ideas, especially if you are new to repurposing, so here are a few ideas that should serve as inspiration.

Convert a Cabinet Into a Bar

If you like to make yourself a nice drink after a long day then converting a cabinet into your own home bar is a great option – this is also one of the easiest repurposing projects that you can do. You simply need to remove the doors from the cabinet, sand it down and then give it a fresh coat of paint. You can then add cocktail glasses and bottles of your favourite spirits to complete your bar.

Repurpose an Old Door as a Coffee Table

An old door can be a useful piece of furniture that can be used in a few ways. One of the best uses of an old door is to turn it into a coffee table for your lounge. You could create a long coffee table using the whole door or cut it down if you want something smaller. It is then a simple matter of adding some legs (or even attaching it to a block) and then finishing the table however you wish, such as sanding it down and adding a new coat of paint.

Repaint Side Tables

You do not always need to completely change the item as even restoring it can give the furniture a new purpose. A good example of this is any side tables that you have in the home as these can become worn and dated over time. You can repurpose your side tables by sanding off the old paint, cleaning off any debris and then applying two coats of bright paint once it has dried. You will want to make sure that you have the right Milwaukee hand tools for the job, but this is another easy project that can make a big difference.

Powder Coat Steel Furniture

Similarly, another good option is to use powder coating for any steel furniture that you have. Garden furniture is the most common type and this can become rusty over time, so sandblasting and using powder coating in a colourful shade can revitalise your garden furniture.

These are a few of the best projects for getting started with repurposing furniture and should give you great satisfaction upon completion.