If your goal is to boost engagement on Instagram and grow your audience as a travel content creator, it’s high time to start making travel reels.

You don’t travel only to make new memories—there are many other benefits of travelling, and one of the most important ones is that travelling brings you peace of mind. Nothing can be more fulfilling than visiting new places, getting to know new faces, and understanding different cultures. 

As a result, you unknowingly polish your communication skills, learn more about yourself, and enhance your creativity. 

If travelling is your passion and making content for Instagram is your profession, it’s time to use all that creativity to make top-notch content for your profile. Travel videos have always been insanely popular on the internet, especially with the ease with which anyone can edit a video online, and they will never be irrelevant. 

And it goes without saying that the arrival of the video Reel feature on Instagram has made audiences love the platform more than before. Reels have a greater reach than feed posts and stories on Instagram. 

If your goal is to boost engagement on Instagram and grow your audience as a travel content creator, it’s high time to start making travel reels.

Now, it’s true that the same old format will not work for all the places you travel to — to showcase your creative side and stand out from the crowd, you have to do things that other creators don’t. 

To see a massive change in engagement rate and growth in your profile, here are 11 innovative travel reel ideas for your next Instagram post. 

11 Travel Video Ideas for All Instagram Creators

Travel Photography

Memories of the Trip

Creating a video from your trip memories doesn’t have to be flawless. You simply need to gather heart-warming, funny, weird, and unforgettable moments and combine them into small clips using a video creator tool. If you don’t have video-making and editing skills, don’t worry about them. The best way to make a video online is to use an online video creator tool, which allows you to effortlessly produce high-quality videos. Using this tool is a fun and time-saving way to create such videos, as the features are easy to understand and use, unlike traditional video-making software.

Life As a Travel Content Creator

These reels are generally made once a profile has enough followers and a good engagement rate on Instagram. After seeing wonderful reels from a creator, the audience becomes interested in knowing more about what it is like to have content creation as a job. 

You can make this kind of reel while you’re on a trip and record moments of you going about your day in that location. Such videos are very impactful because they help many of your audiences understand the lives of content creators and even pick up a few habits from your everyday schedule. 

Life, Culture, and Tradition of the Locals

Travelling is not just about visiting new locations and taking pictures; it’s about getting to know the life, traditions, and culture of the people that live there. You learn much more by chatting with a local in the places you visit than in books.

This can also be a great idea for Instagram reels – chat with a local and ask them to share about their culture, feature their outfits, ways of living, food, and every little thing you find relevant. 

You can also dress up as one of them by asking for their help with that. Record all these moments and combine them into a stunning reel. 

A Compilation of Snaps from a Trip

If you spend a good amount of time browsing Instagram, you probably have noticed the reels where the creators only put together a couple of images to create a 15-20-second long reel with a song that blends perfectly with its aesthetics. 

Such videos are very fun to watch and create—all you need to do to edit a video like this online is select a couple of good pictures from your trip (preferably the ones you have not shared in your Instagram feed or story) and sync music that complements its vibe. 

Choosing the right music is crucial for such reels because it can make or break them. You can check out some popular tracks on Instagram before posting. This will increase your chances of getting more engagement on the reel. And remember, if you need to resize or optimize your images for the reel, you can easily do so using an online image resizer, ensuring your visuals are perfect for your Instagram audience.

Travel Checklist

Careful planning is important before travelling for a hassle-free trip. Many travel enthusiasts pack their stuff for travel too late, and it results in them forgetting to pack some important things. 

There are also some travel enthusiasts or novice travellers who simply get confused about what they should and should not pack. You can help them get ready for their trip and pack mindfully by making a travel checklist reel.

The Specialty of Place You Travelled To

Every destination you travel to is known for something, and as a traveller, it’s a fun thing to gather such information. 

Once you have all you need to know about the speciality of that place, create a reel based on it and share it with your followers. Such reels tend to blow up if the information they contain is not very common.

Weekend Getaway Reel

It’s not necessary to always travel to places that are hundreds of miles away from your home. 

There are still many places in your locality that you haven’t visited. Make reels about such places that can be a fun weekend getaway for your followers.

Minimalistic Living During Travel Reel

These kinds of reels are crucial today because many travel enthusiasts tend to over-pack things for their trip, only to regret it later. 

Make a reel to show how one can travel light, stay in camps instead of expensive hotels, and still have fun.

Pros and Cons of a Place You’ve Travelled To

Travel Photos

There are common myths regarding many travel locations that are yet to be busted. If you have been to some of those places and had a very different experience, talk about it in your reels. 

Talk about both the positives and negatives of a place and share tips on how one can make the most of their trip to that location and avoid getting into trouble. 

Ways to Save Money While Traveling

Travelling doesn’t always have to be super-expensive—lots of money can be saved if you research the travel location beforehand. 

If you’ve been to a place that’s quite expensive but found some great ways to save money, share those ways in your reels—your audiences will thank you.

Tutorials and Tips

Now that you are an expert in your niche, it’s time to help other travel enthusiasts and budding travel bloggers create content to grow on Instagram. 

Share tutorials on how to edit a video online, what kind of video editors are best for editing travel videos, what kind of camera equipment one will need to begin their journey, and other related topics. 


The best thing about being a content creator is that you can be as creative as you want with your content. Proper utilization of the ideas mentioned above will show you some great outcomes. But never forget that there are no rules when it comes to video making and always keep in mind that your content becomes way more valuable when you break the norms and come up with something new. Never stop experimenting with your travel content for Instagram—you never know what the future may bring!