The Peak District is a treasure trove of natural beauty, covering vast tracts of British countryside across Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

If you’re planning a visit to the Peak District, then you’ll want to make sure that you make time for as many worthwhile attractions as possible, while still leaving yourself with a chance to take in the atmosphere. Whether you’ve been planning a visit for a while or are taking out some one-day insurance so that you can enjoy a spontaneous weekend adventure with friends and family, here are some places in the Peak District which are not to be missed.

Chatsworth House

Among the largest and best-known country houses in the entire country, Chatsworth has been passed down through sixteen generations of the Cavendish family. With twenty-five sprawling rooms to explore, it’s a must for fans of country houses in general. As well as the house itself, there are a variety of seasonal activities on offer, most of them based in the surrounding 105-acre garden.

Monsal Trail

The Pudd family in Derbyshire

If you’re looking for a traffic-free place to stretch your legs in the Peak District, then the Monsal Trail is an excellent candidate. It runs along a former railway line for more than eight miles, and includes several imposing railway tunnels. Just make sure that you’ve packed your walking boots.

Blue John Cavern

This attraction is perfect for those looking to see what’s underneath this amazing landscape. It takes its name from the ‘Blue John’ (or Derbyshire Spar) mineral, which is a form of fluorite that’s found exclusively in this part of the country.

You can go on a tour of the cavern, but bear in mind that there are more than two hundred steps into (and out of) it, which might not make it suitable for all visitors. If you’re in doubt, phone in advance and check.


You might readily associate Bakewell with its famous tarts, which are available in all good supermarkets. There’s nothing quite like the genuine article, however, which makes this little town a must-visit. While you’re here, you might also take a look at the Grade I listed church, the museum, and an awe-inspiring bridge that dates all the way back to Roman times. There’s also plenty of opportunity for outdoor distractions, with walking routes abound over the nearby River Wye.