You’ll find many wonders to amaze you in London

It’s Time for a Winter Lights Show at Canary Wharf:

London always has wonderful Christmas lighting.  While the Christmas lights aren’t something to sneeze at, they’re nothing in comparison to the wonderful Winter Lights displayed at Canary Wharf. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy those dark nights. The light art is amazing and delights young and old alike. It’ll lift that seasonal depression. You’ll find many wonders to amaze you at the light park. If your tummy’s asking for a little treat, there are plenty of vintage food trucks to grab a snack and a drink from or visit this shisha bar in London.

Try Skating: 

There’s nothing better than a little ice skating this winter. It’s a way to get yourself moving. Ice skating is offered all the way up to January 13th and is at Somerset House. You won’t find another venue that offers a backdrop that’s this nostalgic and amazing. It has a fun 18th-century theme.  

Snoopy Wants to Rescue You!

There’s nothing cuter than this exhibition. Why not check out “Good Grief, Charlie Brown!”? Take in all the work that Charles M. Schulz worked hard to create. Many modern artists have included their pieces that were inspired by Charlie Brown. This all-time classic is sure to lift your spirits. 

Watch Kinky Boots 

Remember to catch the show before it finishes its three-year-long journey on the 12th of January. If you’re looking for a little entertainment you must catch this must-see musical before the curtain closes! 

Summer and Smoke

You’ll always remember this special little love show. It’ll spark feelings of melancholy this January. Get tickets to the West End show before its closing time on the 19th of January. It’s something that definitely isn’t worth missing out on. 

Hogwarts in the Snow

You might find yourself in love with this old series again when you head down to Warner Bros. Studio in London. You’ll get a glimpse into how Harry Potter was made. It’s the most outstanding show of the season, and it’s open until January 27th. You’ll get a glimpse of snow creations that’ll make you wish you had a time-turner to watch it all again. 


This humorous musical is sure to bring a roar of laughs to your family. This classic, 1970s musical is full of humour and is sure to delight you from the first rise of the curtain. The show will only remain until March is over. 

Divine Proportions

You’ll have an amazing time experiencing this dining event at Divine proportions. It’s an event that has been in Waterloo for ages. Enjoy the classic story of a tale of Pleasure and Mischief as the Greek god Dionysus tells it. It’s sure to meet every expectation that’s been set. Get to it before the last show on January 12th. 

Have Fun at Burns Night

Enjoy a tale that can only be told by this fabulous Scottish poet this January 25th. Many are attending this Burns Night to try the famous Scottish dance, Ceilidh. It’s all happening at Ceilidh Club in Hammersmith. It doesn’t matter whether you’re well experienced with the dance or just starting out, you’re sure to enjoy this dance. It’s all about the fun. Let’s raise our Wee Dram!

Short Film Festival

Don’t miss this event as it starts on the 11th of January and ends on the 20th. You’ll enjoy 10 different microfilms that are run in about seven venues. Be sure to learn more about the films as there’s sure to be something to interest you. It’s up to you to stay happy in London this January. There’s no limit to the amazing things you’ll see and do here. Once you’ve selected your favourite events, they’re sure to brighten up your month.