location of your store is key!

There are plenty of challenges involved when running a business. As well as perfecting the product or service that you’re offering, you need to think about staffing, managing your overheads, marketing campaigns, pricing strategies, supply chains and a whole lot more besides.

Then there’s all the paperwork and documentation that you need to have in order. These could include licencing, rental agreements and registering with Companies House as well as looking into whether you have insurance for your shop which may cover you.

And another of the fundamental aspects that need careful consideration is the location of your store. If, for example, you run a café or a sandwich shop, you might want to set up somewhere that experiences a high level of footfall so that you can attract passing trade. In that case, busy urban areas such as town and city centres make the most sense. And in the glorious county of Yorkshire, there are plenty of those from which to choose. Here are just three:


Leeds is regularly rated as one of the best locations for starting a business in the UK and it’s not hard to see why. It’s a vibrant city with thriving food, music and art scenes. It’s relatively small – one could walk from one end of the centre to the other in less than 15 minutes – and its compact nature only adds to the friendly, community feel of the place. With lots of offices located in its heart, there is plenty of passing lunchtime trade for food businesses and, with two major universities, there is a high student population looking for part-time work.


It’s another major Yorkshire city that features high on the list of desirable destinations for prospective businesses. Famed for its historical links to the steel manufacturing industry, Sheffield has been branching out into other sectors and its location means that it has excellent transport links across the UK. With a number of regeneration projects in the pipeline, it’s a city on the up and one that could prove the perfect place for setting up your shop.


Described as the curry capital of Britain, few cities in the UK have stronger ties to the food scene than Bradford. Located to the west of Leeds and north of Huddersfield, it has close links to other major towns and cities in the county. With cultural attractions such as the Alhambra Theatre, the National Science and Media Museum and Salt’s Mill in nearby Shipley, Bradford receives plenty of tourists all year round. Its bustling nature and heavy footfall could therefore make it the ideal destination for launching your business.