Club La Costa World – Think five-star plus holiday experience

Some 8 years ago, I visited the south of Spain for the first time, initially (pre-children) it was the tiny village of Comares located high in the mountains above Malaga that became our destination of choice. Days comprised of absolutely nothing other than the odd dip in the pool, a great book, and moments to soak in the sound of nothing but the occasional eagle flying above – sheer bliss.

It was during these trips to Comares that occasionally we ventured from Comares and out of sheer curiosity, we visited the coastal resorts of the Costa Del Sol.

While some resorts were not exactly to our taste, we discovered that once you had Fuengirola in your rear view mirror, things changed rather dramatically. Resorts like La Cala, Calahonda, Cabopino and Estepona were more of an appeal to us, and you can’t forget Marbella and Puerto Banus. While I love both places, I’d prefer to make the occasional visit than base myself there permanently.

Signature Suite View Club Costa WorldFor the last 2 years, Cabopino has become our destination of choice and a place I like to call home, for at least 7 days every year anyway. Although, next year, I’m already looking at extending that to 10 nights.

This year’s trip was an absolute blast; the weather was as kind as always, and my little girl loved every single minute and if she’s happy, mummy and I are too.

As an unexpected treat this year, we were invited by the guys at Club La Costa World Mijas Costa to enjoy what can only be described as the ultimate VIP day. Think five-star plus holiday experience, at Mijas Costa (a 20 minute drive away from Marbella) Club La Costa World is best described as a village rather than a complex or hotel. It is situated in beautiful subtropical gardens around a stunning central pool area. CLC World demonstrates a superior way to holiday, boasting rooms to accommodate most budgets; we were treated to their new signature range that offers just that little bit of extra luxury.

Signature Suite Interior Club Costa WorldOur suite for the day was simply phenomenal and demonstrated the perfect example of stunning interior design and decor, a fully functional kitchen, 2 bedrooms both with en-suite, a main bathroom, living room, dining room and enough technology to please a connoisseur such as myself for hours, immediately blew us away. So, imagine our reaction when we stepped outside to see our outdoor area.

An elevated position delivered stunning views out to sea, couple that with a hot tub, outdoor lounge and dining areas and an array of loungers and beds with a special dedicated and uniformed concierge service and yes, this is pretty special.

Signature Suite Hot Tub Area Club Costa WorldI should stress at this point we were child free for the day, with grandparents on tap to entertain our little darling at the beach, meaning we could enjoy every element of the suite and to be honest, that’s exactly what we did.

I suppose the purpose of this type of accommodation is that should you wish, there really is no need to leave; you have everything you need within your own little world, which directly appeals to me. Those of you who follow me closely on the blog or on social media will know that work life for me involves weekly flights hotels, travelling, motorways, family life and lots of socialising, so holiday time must be the exact opposite, relax, quiet, do nothing, read book, and recharge.

In most cases, even accommodation of this standard requires you to at least leave occasionally if only to dine out from time to time, but that is not the case here. You can do that if you wish in the Safari restaurant, but if you really want to push the boat out you’ll consider the private chef option.

Private Chef Jimmy at Club Costa WorldSo picture this, sat behind your outdoor dining table with stupendous views of the ocean, enjoying a glass of the very finest red wine while in the company of your best friend (in my case my wife), you’re joined by a team of 2 chefs whose service standards are impeccable and already their attention to details while cooking your menu of choice for you is exceptional.

I use the word menu, but to be fair, feast would be more fitting. After briefing the chef on our preferences, we began our taste journey through 8 courses, which took us from the finest hams and cheeses through to gazpacho, chicken wings, gambas pil-pil, rack of lamb and cheesecake.

Ham and Cheese Platter at Club Costa WorldIf you watched the recent BBC Two documentary / fly on the wall programme ‘Millionaires Holiday Club’, then you’ll be starting to picture how our afternoon was panning out. The intimacy of the private chef was indulgent, as was the food, the bespoke nature was amazing, OK so the chicken wings didn’t exactly fit with the rest of the menu, but who cares, this was my choice.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking wow this sounds expensive, but fear not, all Signature Collection owners have their own fast check-in and services including in-suite dining with their own personal chef. In addition, if you want to adventure out, the Club La Costa World is among dozens of excellent family attractions nearby. There are also many unspoilt natural beauty and historical monuments, meaning there is something for everyone.

Outdoor area at Club Costa WorldThe remainder of the afternoon was equally enjoyable, with the remainder of the bottle of red while sitting in the hot tub with a great book while my wife relaxed and worked on her tan was exactly the level of relaxation we required. When we left that evening to return to Cabopino, it was with a huge smile at the thought of a day that we’ll never forget.

CLC World Resorts & Hotels has 32 resorts at popular holiday destinations including a Gold Coast resort in Australia, 3 resorts in Turkey, 2 in Kissimmee, Florida and canal boat holidays in the UK.

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